Film Junk’s Best and Worst Movies of 2016


We revealed our individual top 10 lists on the latest Film Junk Podcast earlier this week, but if you’re looking for a quick breakdown of our favourite and least favourite movies of 2016 for future reference, well, here they are. There were three movies that made all of our lists, which I believe is one less than last year, although overall it did feel like there was a lot more variety between us. At the very least, we hope that these lists will provide you with some decent recommendations for future viewing. For a more in-depth discussion of our choices, you’ll have to go and listen to the podcast. What are your favourite movies of 2016?

Frank’s Top 10 Movies of 2016


01. The Nice Guys
02. La La Land
03. Everybody Wants Some!!
04. Sing Street
05. Nocturnal Animals
06. The Neon Demon
07. Elle
08. Wiener-Dog
09. The Handmaiden
10. Manchester By The Sea

Frank’s Worst Movies of 2016


1. Jack Reacher: Never Go Back
2. London Has Fallen
3. Blair Witch
4. Triple 9
5. My Entire High School is Sinking Into the Sea

Jay’s Top 10 Movies of 2016


01. Nocturnal Animals
02. Everybody Wants Some!!
03. Green Room
04. American Honey
05. La La Land
06. The Handmaiden
07. The Red Turtle
08. The Wailing
09. Disorder
10. The Nice Guys

Honourable Mentions: The Neon Demon, The Girl With All The Gifts, Midnight Special, Manchester By The Sea, The Witch, Elle, Sing Street, Silence

Jay’s Top 10 Documentaries of 2016


01. O.J. Made In America
02. Cameraperson
03. My Scientology Movie
04. Author: The JT Leroy Story
05. Credit For Murder
06. Voyage of Time
07. Safari
08. Contemporary Color
09. Under the Sun / Fire At Sea
10. De Palma

Jay’s Worst Movie of 2016



Sean’s Top 10 Movies of 2016


01. Arrival
02. La La Land
03. Nocturnal Animals
04. The Witch
05. Manchester By The Sea
06. The Neon Demon
07. The Handmaiden
08. Toni Erdmann
09. The Wailing
10. Hacksaw Ridge

Honourable Mentions: Silence, Shin Godzilla, Elle, Midnight Special, Green Room, 10 Cloverfield Lane, Sing Street, The Jungle Book, Hell or High Water, The Nice Guys

Sean’s Top 10 Documentaries of 2016


01. O.J. Made In America
02. Author: The JT Leroy Story
03. Weiner
04. Tickled
05. Breaking A Monster
06. De Palma
07. Amanda Knox
08. Zero Days
09. The Last Man on the Moon
10. 13th

Honourable Mentions: Fire At Sea, How To Build A Time Machine

Sean’s Worst Movies of 2016


Suicide Squad
The Brothers Grimsby
Special Correspondents
Yoga Hosers
Salt and Fire

Sean’s Biggest Disappointments of 2016


Blair Witch
Sausage Party
X-Men: Apocalypse
Jason Bourne

  • Jameson

    My Top 10:
    10. Hell or High Water
    9. Toni Erdmann
    8. Everybody Wants Some!!
    7. The Handmaiden
    6. La La Land
    5. Green Room
    4. Manchester By The Sea
    3. Arrival
    2. Nocturnal Animals
    1. Moonlight

    Honorable Mentions: Elle, Midnight Special, The Neon Demon, The Lobster, The Wailing

  • Sam

    Looks pretty similar to mine actually.

    10. Hell or High Water
    9. The Lobster
    8. The Handmaiden
    7. Hail, Caesar! (should have probably won the force feed/fine wine, got so much better on a second viewing for me)
    6. Arrival
    5. The Nice Guys
    4. Moonlight
    3. La La Land
    2. Nocturnal Animals
    1. Manchester By the Sea

    Honorable Mentions (a few of these could almost be interchangeable with 9 & 10): Green Room, Elle, The Witch, Everybody Wants Some!!, The Edge of Seventeen, Wiener-Dog, Sing Street, Love & Friendship, Paterson

    Still would like to see Toni Erdmann, Certain Women, Christine, Hacksaw Ridge, The Lure, I Daniel Blake, The Red Turtle, Disorder, & Sunset Song though.

  • Peter Harrison

    Are we meant to believe that Frank , the Saint of Star Ratings, has given a 4/5 as his film of the year? No 5/5 this year Frankie? Pleeeease!

  • pcch7

    Oh my haha

  • pcch7

    I barely watched enough movies to make a list last year. Need to go back to normal service this year

  • Samb

    Worst/most disappointing: Ip Man 3. Ip Man 2 was bad, too, so maybe I should have had lower expectations.

  • kent88

    That’s probably just a mistake. Jay gave NEIGHBORS 2 five stars? :S

  • Jameson

    Solid list.

  • Indianamcclain

    I’m surprised Batman v Superman, and Popstar were missing from the worst of the year.

  • Marmo

    #1 Subbura
    #2 The Eyes Of My Mother
    #3 Weiner
    #4 The Greasy Strangler
    #5 Embrace Of The Serpent
    #6 The Witch
    #7 The Witness
    #8 Gleason
    #9 Where You’re Meant To Be
    #10 Mia Madre

    My list won’t be final until I see La La Land, Manchester By The Sea and Paterson. Probably looking at the end of Jan/Mid Feb.

  • No one important

    Hey Sean,

    Two things. I really think Jays recent big ticket toy purchases, the Transformers Soundwave and Lego modular need to be addressed in the next episode. Second, I have found the ultimate jump scare film for Frank, and it’s not horror. It’s a danish film called Land of Mine, set at the end of ww2 and follows a group of young German POW’s tasked with the removal of thousands of land mines on a beach.

    Here’s my list..

    1. Hunt for the Wilderpeople
    2. Sing Street
    3. The Wailing
    4. Green Room
    5. War on Everyone
    6. The Witch
    7. Blood Father
    8. Rogue One
    9. Arrival
    10. Land of Mine

    Everything from 4 onwards is interchangeable.

  • Strybeck

    I haven’t seen enough 2016 films to make a good top 10. So far I have The Witch, The Lobster, and Neon Demon at the top of my running list. I have The Invitation up there too for now. I liked Green Room, but I don’t get how it cracks a top 10 list. Surprised there is no love for either Herzog doc.