Ball Junk Podcast Episode #25: 2nd Annual New Year’s Ball Junk Drop


Get outta here, 2016! It was an unbelievable year in sports and Episode 25 of the Ball Junk Podcast is our New Years Eve Ball Drop Spectacular. We’re talking the biggest sports stories of 2016! Knucks lays down his Ultra Bold Sports predictions of 2017 and we reveal why the 1900 Paris Olympics was the greatest Olympics ever. We pay homage to the sports heroes we lost this year as well as answer your Sack Time questions, plus Frankie takes the Gas pedal. It’s all here in this two hour end of year extravaganza! Subscribe, download and rate us on iTunes and have a safe and Ballsy New Year!

0:00:00 – Intro
0:15:05 – NFL Discussion
0:36:50 – NBA Discussion
0:55:15 – 2016 Sports Year in Review
1:42:50 – Balls Around the World
2:01:20 – Sack Time
2:08:35 – Gas Pedal / Outro

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  • Lori Cerny


  • tiny_kyri

    happy new year motherfuckers

  • Tommy

    ‘Premonize’ is my new favourite Frank term. I hope it transitions over to Film Junk.

  • Samb

    Ya’ll are so right about Tyrod — the Bills are nuts if they think they can do better. He doesn’t have a great “rating”, but if they calculated all QB runs as completed passes and added the yards together he’d show up a lot higher (and it would be a truer picture).

  • Kenneth Serenyi

    I know souls were crushed and 2016s ruined because you didn’t get a chance to watch and review ‘Santa’s Slay’, especially with Goldberg’s triumphant comeback. Hopefully you’ll find an excuse to review it earlier than a year from now. :)

  • schizopolis

    The Yakuza will avenge Hyun Soo Kim? OMG…Yes..all Asians look the same!

    Frank, just pledge your allegiance to Trump already! ;)

  • Adam

    Frank, how can you not understand why a missed call at the end of the game is more important than a missed call at the beginning of the game?

    The effects of a missed call at the beginning of the game can be overcome by the opposite team because there’s 2 or 3 more quarters for them to re-earn (for lack of a better term) the possession or points they were cheated out of. If you have a missed call (LeBrons OBVIOUS tech with 1:43 left) or even worse, two (KD getting tripped with less than 3 seconds left) and there’s no time for the offended team too overcome the effects of those missed calls the ref inherently change the outcome of the game for the worst and half your (the NBA) fanbase goes walking away feeling cheated. A missed call matters more at the end of the game than the beginning without question.

    and as a side tangent, the nba refs as a whole call ticky-tack shit in almost every single game so when they miss blatant calls in a tight game with under two minutes left it makes it even worse. It’s bullshit and the NBA needs to do something more to address it.

    (if this came off as hostile towards you I apologize, my hostility comes from an annoyance with the current product the NBA is pushing)

  • devolutionary

    Everyman (or woman) Olympics:
    I present to you a top contender for World’s Fastest Dishwasher:
    He looks like a professional though so he might not qualify.

  • Kenneth Serenyi

    Your new Olympics can have “Fanfare For the Common Man” by Aaron Copland as the theme.