Marc Webb’s Gifted Trailer Starring Chris Evans


After earning a lot of attention and acclaim for his directorial debut (500) Days of Summer, Marc Webb was swallowed up by the studio system for five years while directing The Amazing Spider-Man and its sequel. Next year he is finally resurfacing with a brand new indie film called Gifted. Based on the 2014 Black List script written by Tom Flynn, the story revolves around a seven-year-old math prodigy named Mary (Mckenna Grace) who is living in Florida with her Uncle Frank (Chris Evans). As news of her amazing ability slowly spreads, various people in her life have conflicting opinions over what is best for her and whether she should sacrifice a normal life in order to reach her full potential. Gifted co-stars Octavia Spencer, Jenny Slate and Lindsay Duncan and it hits theatres on April 12th; check out the trailer after the jump and see what you think.