Film Junk Premium Podcast #53: Rob Zombie


Howdy Folks! You like blood? Violence? Freaks of nature? Well then, come on down to this month’s premium podcast where we revisit the films of Rob Zombie starting with House of 1000 Corpses and continuing through to The Lords of Salem. It’s a slightly different episode in that we generally haven’t been big fans of his movies over the years, but we thought it was time to give them another shot. Discussion points include Rob Zombie’s obsession with the ’70s, his frequently recurring visual motifs, deep cut soundtracks, homage vs. theft, and, of course, the casting of his wife Sheri Moon Zombie. So is Rob Zombie a visionary auteur or is he just a tone deaf horror fan? Does his version of Halloween stand on its own as a worthy remake or is it a complete betrayal of the original? Did The Devil’s Rejects steal part of its plot from The Empire Strikes Back? Get yourself some tutti fucking fruity and download our latest premium podcast below.

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  • George

    Any plans on reviewing his latest, 31?

  • Sean

    Probably on the next regular show.

  • George


  • devolutionary

    Frank farting into the mic on command with reverb. We’ve officially hit rock bottom on the premiums (pun intended). Thanks again boys!

  • Adam

    OR, a new high

  • ProjectGenesis

    The writing is on the wall … Leslie Easterbrook … Police Academy premium!

    “You’re gonna make it just fine. Keep dancing.”

  • iammattz

    Really love these premiums that force me outside of my “comfort zone” with films. Definitely didn’t love any of these but appreciate what Mr. Zombie was attempting to do. Thanks guys.

  • Sam

    Definitely a great moment. No need for the classic question “Did you fart?”, on that one.

  • Sam

    Great premium guys!

    Any idea on the Tobe Hooper lineup?

    Texas Chainsaw Massacre
    Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2
    Eaten Alive
    The Funhouse

    Something like that?

    Salem’s Lot about to come out Blu-Ray next week, but not sure if Frank is against that since it’s technically a miniseries.

    Invaders from Mars too?

  • Samb

    Jay: What’s wrong with that?
    Frank: I don’t like it.

    Money well spent, gents. Thanks as always.

  • Lori Cerny

    I’m new to the Bandcamp app and it only plays one second of the premium podcast, then stops.

    Any ideas?

  • Sam

    I typically download the premium mp3 onto my phone and listen that way, but occasionally will use the App. Just tested out the Zombie premium with the Bandcamp app and had no problem. Seems to play fine for me. I’m on Android if that makes a difference.

  • devolutionary

    Maybe your audio cache (in app) is corrupted? Not sure if you’re switching between a data-plan and WiFi but try clearing that first. Tap the “Gear” icon in main menu [top left], then tap “clear audio cache”.

  • Sean

    Also check your internet connection because the Bandcamp app can’t play episodes offline as far as I know. If you’re still having problems, contact Bandcamp support or let me know and I will contact them for you.

  • Sean

    I think it will be Texas Chainsaw 1 + 2, The Funhouse, Lifeforce, Salem’s Lot and Invaders from Mars.

  • Lori Cerny

    Thanks for the replies, everyone. I will try them out.

  • Sam

    Sounds good.

    Would be curious to listen to talk about Eaten Alive (his follow-up film after TCM), but with Salem’s Lot being 3 hours, I could understand that 6 films is already pushing it.

  • Sean

    Yeah we had to draw the line somewhere. Salem’s Lot just came out on Blu-ray which is one reason we thought it would be worth including. If a lot of people preferred Eaten Alive, we could still consider switching it up.

  • DrewNugent

    My vote definitely goes towards Eaten Alive. That was actually the one I was most excited to hear you guys talk about.

  • Frank Booth

    My vote goes to Salem’s Lot, which I hope sparks a conversation about Larry Cohen’s A Return to Salem’s Lot.

    The first one scared the crap out of me when I was a kid. And the second one has Sam Fuller as a Nazi hunter turned vampire hunter.

    Also, I just picked up the Blu-ray as well.

  • woo

    So glad I paid premium to have Frank fart in my ears. hahaha

    Great work guys. Surprised no one mentioned how awesome Michael Myer’s mask is in Zombie’s Halloween movies! An easy thing to fuck up. See every Halloween sequel.

  • Sam

    Yeah, I wanted want Salem’s Lot substituted out. I guess if I had to decide to force something out, maybe Invaders from Mars? It’s tough but, TCM 1 & 2, Lifeforce, The Funhouse would all be locks in my book for this.

  • Phil

    Eaten Alive all the way. Save Salem’s Lot for a Stephen King premium.

  • Spoiler alert: It’s not good.

  • Sam

    Agreed. though to me it starts off horrible and eventually improves to just kinda bad.

    There’s an incredibly well written 5/5 review for 31 on Letterboxd that just leads me to believe that you can find art in any film as long as you’re digging hard enough. Basically Frank’s forcefeed

  • Colin

    It has to be Salem’s Lot