Justin Lin to Direct Hot Wheels Movie


Well this is kind of a weird one. Justin Lin, the man who is essentially responsible for turning The Fast and the Furious series into the multi-billion dollar franchise that we know today, is currently busy lining up another high-speed project: a movie based on the popular Hot Wheels brand of toy cars. While that may seem to make perfect sense on the surface, I can’t help but think it is kind of akin to Michael Bay signing on to direct a Transformers knockoff like Transmorphers. Perhaps the box office disappointment of Star Trek Beyond hit him harder than we thought? Hit the jump to find out what else we know about the project.

According to THR, Justin Lin has signed on to develop, direct and produce a Hot Wheels movie for Mattel through his Perfect Storm Entertainment production company. The project has been in development since 2003 with McG previously attached to direct for Columbia Pictures at the time. Since then, Legendary Pictures took over the property and they are currently in search of a new writer to start from scratch. Things are still at an early stage and this is not expected to be Justin Lin’s next project.

Back in 2013, Simon Crane was announced as the director, working from a script by Art Marcum and Matt Holloway (Iron Man). None of these fine folks appear to be involved anymore. Considering that Justin Lin chose to leave the Fast & Furious franchise of his own volition, I can’t help but wonder how the higher-ups at Universal feel about this announcement (although it’s possible they will be involved as distributors as part of their partnership with Legendary). In the meantime, Lin will continue to work on Space Jam 2 (among other things). Does this news actually make you excited for a Hot Wheels movie?

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