Netflix Introduces Flixtape: A Mixtape for Movies and TV Shows


With so many streaming services out there nowadays, it feels like it’s getting harder and harder for Netflix to stand out in the crowd. Their interface and recommendation engine are still miles ahead of their competitors, but their focus has clearly shifted to original content and almost all of their other content is just filler. That being said, there are still some hidden gems in there and now they’ve come up with a pretty clever little gimmick to help bring some human curation to their service. This week they have launched a new feature called Flixtape that allows users to build short playlists that they can share with friends. Hit the jump to find out how it works.

To create your own Flixtape, head to After choosing a name for your playlist you can search for and add up to 6 movies or TV episodes. Netflix will also attempt to give you 3 recommendations right off the bat based on your title, but from what I’ve seen so far, they’re pretty useless. The 6 entry limit is unfortunate because it means you can’t maintain a big list of recommendations to share with family and friends, but I guess they’re going more for themed movie nights and double or triple features. You can also choose from an assortment of custom cover art to go with it. Do you think this could actually be a useful feature? Feel free to try it out and share some of your own Flixtapes in the comments below.

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