Film Junk Podcast Episode #573: The Neon Demon


0:00 – Intro
3:00 – Road Trip: Frank’s Preparation, Barnes & Noble
13:10 – Review: The Neon Demon
54:55 – Road Trip: Director’s Cut Trivia Game, Arby’s
1:05:45 – Other Stuff We Watched: Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates, The Purge: Election Year, Equals, Love & Friendship, Swiss Army Man, The Nice Guys, The In-Laws, Bloodline, Dark Star
1:49:15 – Review: John Carpenter Live
2:11:55 – Junk Mail: Kevin Smith Ripping Off Tim Burton + Beetlejuice 2
2:20:55 – Outro
2:21:15 – Spoiler Discussion: The Neon Demon

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  • Colin

    So hyped for this!

  • Mark

    “Plop Synopsis” is an instant glossary addition.

  • devolutionary

    Frank’s got a bit of a subconscious Trump vibe going on at the start of this Road Cast. I love that Zak outed him for the fan-boy he is. Tatum O’Neal was “6” for Paper Moon and alternatively played a child prostitute huh?
    Neon Demon’s not playing here yet but lovin’ the score. A true Frank classic.

  • DestinationThreshold

    1. Shout out to Frank’s Toll Booth Willy impression, well done sir.
    2. Please make more episodes (or an entirely separate podcast) which feature(s) ya’ll eating, commenting on, and rating your meals.

    Thanks for everything guys, have a great day.

  • Indianamcclain

    Interesting to hear that everybody liked Neon Demon, I wasn’t the biggest fan. I was on board for the first half, but the second half lost me. I’d be willing to revisit it at some point though.

  • Maureen W.

    I reviewed the John Carpenter show for WXPN’s blog, and gave Film Junk a shameless plug:

  • Lisa

    Great episode! And according to the film junk wiki’s episode guide, Zak appeared on episode 80 – Snakes on a Plane, August 20, 2006.

  • Joel456

    FYI: Skip Jay’s review of Swiss Army Man if you haven’t seen it yet and are planning to.

  • William Hill

    Loved the Arby’s bit.

  • Lori Cerny

    “Travels with FJ” should be a new thing. I loved every bit, particularly Frankie freaking out over the second toll booth!!! You guys really are incredible to do this for us fans.

    I wasn’t planning on watching The Neon Demon, but thanks to your intriguing spoiler section discussion, I will catch it tonight.

  • Sean

    Thanks Maureen!

  • Tommy

    Good show, boys! I just saw Ghostbusters and am dying for next week.

  • CagneyB

    One of your best episodes. Frankie, sweet Toll Booth Willie pull. Deep cut.

  • ProjectGenesis

    This could be the most epic three weeks of Film Junk ever. First the JC Roadtrip, now we get Frank’s highly anticipated Ghostbusters review, then after that its Reed on Sulu’s sexuality and Hiddleswift.

  • Daniel Lindquist

    Were there more on less than noin different pieces of vinyl available for purchase at the show?

  • Rob

    This was one of the best episodes, love the vibe and hearing the crew talking about things as they happen is always good for a laugh. Zak was a great guest too

  • rich

    Lol. Hey now

  • frankw35

    Terrific episode and am surprised Zak hasn’t been on more more often as he was a great addition who actually knows something about film in a slightly more pretentious (but not arrogant and possibly genuinely educated) way. Loved the Frank/posters at the back of the theater story.

  • no one important

    Oh come on Frank… “Comedies have been shit lately”. It’s because you go and see shit comedies yet avoid perfectly good ones like the currently in release Hunt for the Wilderpeople. I know I’m going on and on about this movie. Like a whiny little b. I’m sorry but sometimes you see a film that resonates, reminds you how bloody awesome movies can be. Like last years Mad Max… Blew me the hell away. Best action film in so long.

    Aww well, go and spend your money on Ghostbusters instead. So predictable.

  • Beat_C

    thank you so much for this great episode, it was such a blast and really nice to be there with you on your trip. ???? would love to hear zak more often on the podcast.

  • Beat_C

    outside of filmjunk, i feel like a lot of people were not impressed by the movie. the reviews were so-so and the people in my theatre also seemed a bit lost. i did like “the neon demon” for the most part.

  • Mister Quigley Jr.

    Pieces of vinyl, Boff! One of my favorite episodes ever. Kudos to all of you.

  • Indianamcclain

    I’m surprised Jay liked it since he wasn’t a fan of Only God Forgives.

  • Craig

    You listen to Kurt on Row Three Episode 447, he makes the FilmJunk guys sound lukewarm!

  • Carlos Gonzalez

    Such a fun episode, thanks guys!
    I honestly felt like I was right there eating gummy snacks with you all.

  • Deven Science

    I don’t remember Zak ever being on the show, but someone below says he was on episode 80. I do remember meeting him at the drive-in when the wife and I met you guys there.

  • Thom

    Loved this episode! I’m seeing JC perform here in the UK around Halloween and this has really got me excited. Next April you should see if you can unearth any Movie Review Show road trips (with Reed driving of course)!

  • Jonnie

    Best road trip podcast ever! Thank you guys.

  • Glen

    Sean, are there any pictures of you guys in the car?

    I’m imagining it looked alot like the movie “National Lampoons Vacation”

  • Sean

    I think this is the only one unless Jay took a few more:

  • Fantastic road journey episode, the Arbys stop, the second toll booth, the interstitial music between segments, Frank’s stumbling into his soul mate theater… But I seriously thought all the talk of Frank getting tired at the wheel was going to lead to an epic crash sequence at the end!

    On a side note, Stranger Things is up on Netflix now, I’m 4 episodes in, hoping you guys binge it soon and do a group discussion… Obviously it’ll have to be spoiler heavy. Frankie should enjoy the use of a few choice words by the main kids! Aside from the obvious Amblin homages, there’s a bit of JC homage too… The main theme seems to be a love child of daft punk’s Tron work & JC horror.

  • Kenneth Serenyi

    Are you guys waiting for another Predator movie to do a Premium?

  • Sean

    Possibly, although the new one doesn’t come out until March 2018.

  • Adam

    The fuck is travelers insurance? I know you can buy insurance on things like plane tickets for like cancelled flights or lost luggage but how does one get insurance coverage on a road trip? Plz s’plain

  • Generally it’s medical insurance. With how touch and go Jay and Frank’s bowels are, it makes sense.

  • Brian.M

    Jay on Frank:

    ‘He loves, Manson, he loves Ghost, he loves The Offspring…’

    Classic FJ!

  • Reed Farrington

    If I had known Frank was driving and was going to be so prepared, I might have gone along on this road trip. Although Frank and I have somewhat different tastes in movies and he’s more of a fun-loving guy, we share the same anxieties. In fact, I completely agree with his reasoning behind not spending his money at the B & N close to home.

    Since I didn’t care about the Carpenter concert aside from the cost, maybe I should have went on the trip and not been concerned about the trip not working out.

  • bendoofus

    Did you see him in the Troxy last night? Great show!