Ball Junk Podcast Episode #22: NBA Finals 2016


We’ve got Hot Takes for Episode 22 of the Ball Junk Podcast! As we get ready for the NBA Finals, we talk the playoffs so far, the NBA Draft and Free Agency, make our picks for Euro 2016, the NHL Playoffs and the Jays/Rangers brawl. Frankie plays a game of Real or Fake, Dick Enberg loves fat cats and we answer all of your questions in Sack Time! Subscribe and download on iTunes and don’t forget about that 5 Star Rating. Balls!

0:00:00 – Intro: Concerts
0:10:55 – NBA Finals / Playoffs
0:41:05 – Real or Fake
0:49:25 – Euro 2016 Predictions
0:54:20 – NHL Playoffs
1:06:00 – MLB / Bautista Fight
1:16:50 – Balls Around the World
1:27:15 – Sack Time
1:43:25 – Gas Pedal / Outro

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  • Anthony

    Nice small sample space Frank. You clearly didn’t see all of Jurassic Park still hanging around when they were getting killed, or the people that stayed in Game 6.

    I’m also curious as to what you (and everyone, apparently) look at or are judging when you say “so-and-so” is not a good coach. Based on what? What are you privy to or seeing on TV that shows you that Casey or whoever isn’t a good coach? If you’re just comparing everyone to Popovich or Thibodeau then yeah, maybe everyone is a bad coach.

  • devolutionary

    Frank was behind the Raptors this whole time (despite their fans)? Puh-leeeze! If the Raptors regress next year, you’ll probably mock them again. I definitely agree with the foul-call favouritism though, it’s garbage-level sportsmanship. Magic’s tweets provide great insight, much like John Madden’s senility. Good #2-2 guys! Your T.O. boy Andrew Wiggins also dons the #22.

    P.S.: Did either of you catch highlights of that 14-run comeback by the Mariners against the Padres last night? Wowzers.

  • NBA ref issues has turned into a huge reason why I just don’t care about the league on the same level I like MLB… They need to make a ‘Deception’ foul that they can call when players obviously flop, maybe make it reviewable… When James Harden racks up 3 of those in the first 5 minutes his game will have to change.

    Then there’s the constant in your face complaining to refs by some players & coaches. The refs need to grow a spine and starting handing out technicals, I’m a Portland Trailblazers fan and those Golden State & Clippers series were rough to watch between Draymond and CP3/Blake/Deandre and of course Doc. It’s one thing to complain about a missed call or two but when you see someone complaining on TV 10 times in a game you know there’s probably 10 more missed views of the whining.

    All in all one of your best episodes! Love the Dick Endberg bit, you’re not going to see that on ESPN… everyone knows Wrinkled Dick loves Plump Pussy!

  • Anthony

    Not defending NBA refs here, but MLB umpires aren’t exactly the most accurate or honest officials in sports either. What they lack in incompetence (compared to NBA refs) they more than make up for in stubbornness. I’m a huge baseball fan but it’s becoming harder and harder to enjoy a sport where the strike zone can change simply based on how an umpire is feeling that day.

  • In defense of the umps & strike zones (which is annoying in MLB) at least you know if a guy traditionally calls low or high or whatever. You can adapt during the game a lot quicker. Plus you get 3 strikes and the vast majority of the time a bad ball or strike call doesn’t lead directly to runs scored or not.

    In the NBA, fouls give players direct chances to score points at the line and change the strategy of the entire game if a player gets a lot of fouls called early on. Not to mention what Frank brought up about superstars getting away with more than scrubs.

  • Mister Quigley Jr.

    Loved it, guys. Thanks.

  • Anthony

    The strike zones aren’t even that “fair” though. You’ll see the same umpires have different strike zones for different pitchers/batters. If Clayton Kershaw is getting that outside painted corner or the low fastball called a strike, then the fucking guy who he’s facing that got called up from Double-A should get the same calls. None of this fucking “Oh, well he’s earned those calls”

    And like I said, a lot of it is just based on how they feel that day. I’m sorry, but just because the batter mouthed off to you the previous pitch or at-bat, doesn’t mean calling a way outside pitch a strike is fair.