Weekly Poll Results: Best Marvel Movie


Last week we asked Film Junk readers to pick their favourite Marvel Studios film and although Guardians of the Galaxy was out to an early lead, The Avengers ultimately managed to make a late comeback and top the poll. Joss Whedon’s film finished with 28% of the votes, while Guardians had 27%. In third place, we had Captain America: Winter Soldier followed closely by the first Iron Man. Captain America: Civil War rounded out the top 5 even though it was at a bit of a disadvantage having just hit theatres last week. Way down at the bottom of the list, it was no surprise to see Incredible Hulk and Iron Man 2 pulling up the rear. In general, I’d say this mostly falls in line with expectations although I did think Ant-Man might get a few more votes. Do you agree with these results?

1. The Avengers — 28%
2. Guardians of the Galaxy — 27%
3. Captain America: The Winter Soldier — 12%
4. Iron Man — 11%
5. Captain America: Civil War — 6%
6. Iron Man 3 — 5%
7. Thor: The Dark World — 3%
8. The Avengers: Age of Ultron — 3%
9. Captain America: The First Avenger — 2%
10. Ant-Man — 2%
11. Thor — 2%
12. Incredible Hulk — 1%
13. Iron Man 2 — 0%

Around the Web:

  • Maybe I should rewatch Winter Soldier, I just don’t get the love for it.

  • Deven Science

    I can’t believe The First Avenger only got 2% of the vote. That’s a damn good movie, and a fun period piece.

  • Kenneth Serenyi

    If only there was a way to set up the polls so that we could vote for our 3 favorite movies and the results would be weighed by the order in which we ranked them.

  • Simon

    I can say that I have only seen one of the films in this poll all the way through. I just can’t get into the Marvel thing.