TCM and Criterion Team Up for New Streaming Service


If you’re a Netflix subscriber and you’ve been starting to feel like movies (and, in particular, older movies) are getting neglected in favour of TV and stand up comedy specials, you’re not alone. Even with all the competing streaming services that are out there right now, it feels like the available movie content is somehow dwindling. Fortunately, the folks at Turner Classic Movies and Criterion are in the process of stepping up to try and fill that void. Later this year they will launch FilmStruck, a new subscription-based streaming movie service that will focus on movies and only movies, from major studio films to independent, art house and international cinema. Unfortunately, this also means that the Criterion Collection will be leaving Hulu Plus at the end of November. Hit the jump for more info on how the new service will work and what they plan to offer.

According to Criterion, FilmStruck will launch this fall on desktop and mobile devices and internet-connected television platforms. At any given time, it will offer a carefully curated, rotating selection of films (including their audio commentaries and supplemental content). In addition, FilmStruck subscribers will also be able to sign up The Criterion Channel, a premium service that will offer continual access to Criterion’s entire current library of more than 1,100 films. They have not yet announced pricing details for either FilmStruck or The Criterion Channel and it is unclear if they plan to offer the service outside of the United States.

To be honest, this sounds pretty similar to already existing services like Mubi and Fandor, but they will probably have access to higher profile films and a much bigger catalogue. It could be worthwhile for hardcore cinephiles, but it’s a bit frustrating for consumers that things are starting to splinter and we no longer have a one stop shop for streaming content. Are you interested in FilmStruck? Could this cause you to cancel your Netflix or Hulu subscription or will it be a nice companion to those services?

  • Niklas

    All these services are shooting themselves in the foot by spreading out the content. Most people are only willing to subscribe to one or two services and will torrent the rest.

  • Matt the Kiwi

    Thankfully TCM is included in the ‘Basic’ Sky Movies package here in NZ so I don’t have to get waves of choice anxiety – having to get my movies from so many different places would do my head in.

  • Tommy

    The best thing about Criterion on Hulu is that they’d always have a themed handful of films at the free tier.
    I bet there’d be nothing like that here.

    The Jacques Demy week was amazing.