Ball Junk Podcast Episode #21: NBA Playoffs 2016


It’s Mamba Time for the Ball Junk Podcast! Episode 22 is here and we’re talkin’ Kobe Bryant’s final game, the Golden State Warriors 73 win season, the NBA Playoffs and the NHL Playoffs! We pick our round by round winners and make Ultra Bold Predictions on who’s walking away with the Championships. We talk chaps and vomit in Balls Around the World, answer your questions in Sack Time and Frankie takes the Gas Pedal like a champ! Download, subscribe and give us a 5 star rating on iTunes! Mamba Out!

0:00:00 – Intro: Concerts
0:10:20 – NBA Wrap-up / Playoffs Preview
1:09:30 – NHL Playoffs
1:25:35 – MLB Season
1:33:45 – Balls Around the World
1:42:20 – Sack Time
2:02:15 – Gas Pedal / Outro

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  • Lori Cerny

    Another great episode. Thanks!

  • milan

    great show as always, the only thing, the smurfs are from belgium, not switzerland…

  • Balls

    Probably my favourite correction ever.

  • Anthony

    “If it was the opposite, and it was someone on the Rangers doing that bat flip against the Blue jays, everybody in Toronto including the media would be all over it.”

    Kind of like how you dislike Jose Bautista while liking Manny Machado.

  • Balls

    Panda wears a good belt. The O’s have accomplished plenty in the last two decades! We talked about Alomar spitting in that umps face on the show! That’s something. Brady Anderson also had incredible sideburns. Chris Davis takes drugs! You take your 3 World Championships in 10 years. I’ll take these 3 embarrassments.

    Did I miss Manny doing a damn bat flip?

  • Anthony

    Manny’s done a couple of bat flips in his day, but I was more referring to how much of a whiner he is. The way he handled that incident with Oakland a couple of seasons ago where he just threw his bat towards the infielder on a swing and miss just screamed “i’m a huge baby.”

    I’m not saying he’s better or worse than Bautista. I loved Joey Bats’s bat flip (because as a David Ortiz fan I can’t in good conscience condone Big Papi’s numerous bat flips and criticize Bautista at the same time), but he has his fair share of unsportsmanlike issues and he also complains about almost every called strike three. In my book Machado and Bautista are on the same level in terms of being annoying human beings. Was just making a point that we all have those biases when it comes to our favourite teams.

  • Anthony

    Also, is Frank high? The Clippers didn’t beat Golden State this season:
    Nov. 04 – GS 112-108
    Nov. 19 – GS 124-117
    Feb. 19 – GS 115-112
    Mar. 23 – GS 114-98

  • Frankie Knuckles

    Ya … I was way off on that … my bad …

    still my pick as the best bet to beat the Warriors though

  • Nick

    Great ep!

  • Balls

    Totally fair. They are both annoying. At least they aren’t Yankees. They have that going for them.

  • Nobody

    Korn! At first, Korn generally seemed to be considered a cool band that brought a different, raw energy to rock music, but now everyone seems to think they’re the nadir of music and their fans represent the dregs of society. I saw them play during their earlier tour with Rob Zombie and thought they blew Zombie away. They’ve always been an excellent live band. Greg, have you listened to their guitarist Head’s band, Love and Death?

    I thought that NXT event was much more entertaining than the exhausting Wrestlemania. Shinsuke Nakamura is operating on a different wavelength than any other current pro wrestler I’ve seen.