Film Junk Podcast Episode #558: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice


0:00 – Intro
18:15 – Review: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
1:55:55 – Headlines: Paul McCartney Joins Pirates of the Caribbean 5
2:03:00 – Other Stuff We Watched: Maggie, The Forgotten, Edge of Darkness, Daredevil, Occupied, Finders Keepers, He Got Game, My Darling Clementine, Cloak and Dagger (1946), House of Bamboo, American Crime Story, Colossus: The Forbin Project, Ben Hur, Man of Steel
2:48:05 – This Week on DVD and Blu-ray / Outro
2:54:35 – Spoiler Discussion: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

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  • Jasper

    Poor Reed! It’s time for the FJ app to help him save up on traffic.

  • traie

    Seriously Reed, that Honey Bun comment and then Frank laughing “I’m gonna piss myself” is the best belly laugh I’ve had this year, thanks guys

  • Nobody

    Woo woo woo you know it.

    Others have talked about Batman’s 1% reasoning as a direct reference to Dick Cheney’s similar statement.

  • GiveUsJaysReview

    Jay reviewed “I Confess” originally in episode #308 (Mr. Nobody). I’d cut out a clip but that episode has become exclusive to the FilmJunk USB drive. If anyone’s feeling like digging it up, might be worth a laugh.

  • Lori Cerny

    Having seen both films, the sentiments are similar, yet the character studies are vastly different. I think the “Bicycle Thieves” has an underlying poignancy regarding the relationship between the father and son, which is revealed slowly as the story progresses.

  • ah

    If you liked BvS:DoJ, you have to read this, has some great insight on the film:

    His take on Marvel films really somes up how I feel about the majority of them. Certainly, there are some enjoyable ones such as GotG, but there’s a lot of mindless self-referential tripe including A:AoU and Deadpool.

  • Samb

    Now it makes sense — he was rage-blinded by the feature review.

  • xenobuzz

    Can we agree that Hack Snyder has no business doing more films? He has no grasp of story or character, and his visual style is incredibly narrow. Everything is dark, chaotic and confusing. All his films are perfect examples what a pissy, spoiled eight year-old boy thinks is cool.

    Snyder is the most emo director ever.

    He doesn’t even have the intelligence and/or ability to adapt his “style” to the kind of movie he is making. He should never have directed “Man of Steel” or “Batman v Superman.” If Snyder is going to keep making movies, they should be short films (5 minutes MAX) about hurricanes, and filmed only at night.

    Listening to Reed try to defend this movie immediately reminded me of all the desperate apologists for the Star Wars prequels. Please Reed, stop trying to convince yourself that BvS is good. It’s not. It’s a tornado of shit. You seem like a nice guy. Stop trying to make excuses for garbage.

  • Balls

    D 83 made it into my Top TV of 2015 list that’s part of Film Junk’s Top Films of 2015.

  • Reed Farrington

    I did forget Greg was on the Star Wars episode, but you brought it all back for me.

  • Falsk

    Agreed. I’ve sent some samples to my recording friends and they believe it’s some sort of over modulation problem but without knowing the set up can’t figure out exactly what.

  • Falsk

    Was all set to buy tickets for the Saturday showing, until I realized that’s Mother’s Day weekend. WOMP. Until the US premiere…

  • Yeah, something is topping out and causing the distortion. My assumption is a shitty mic cable but it’s happening with different people talking so that probably isn’t it.
    Are you guys using the exact same equipment at every site?

  • Falsk

    Yeah, I’m dying to figure it out. Audio issues are a weird pet peeve of mine. So many questions…

  • Sean

    It could be a faulty cable, but then it would probably only happen with one specific person. And then we would hear it in our headphones. That has happened before and we can usually track it down pretty quickly. And it doesn’t seem to be caused by particularly loud volume either.

    I am pretty sure it is a driver issue or some sort of audio setting on the computer itself. We have a few leads but it’s tricky to test because it usually isn’t as frequent as it was last show.

    Our set ups are almost identical across all of the sites except for the computers doing the recording.

  • I feel bad for them, trying to figure this kind of stuff out is a giant pain in the ass. We were having mic issues on our show for several months and every time I thought I had the problem figured out it’d crop out again. I got so frustrated I just upgraded a bunch of kit because I was tired of spending so much time on it.

  • Lior

    Got my ticket for the Monday screening of How to Build a Time Machine and looking forward to seeing it. If there’s gonna be a Film Junk meetup it’ll be an extra treat. :-)

  • There’s kind of already a “Gong Show” movie. It’s called “Confessions of a Dangerous Mind” starring Sam Rockwell and directed by George Clooney.

  • Reed Farrington

    I can’t wait for Snyder to direct a dark, brooding comedy.

  • ah
  • Reed Farrington

    This guy writes like an Armond White wannabe. I wish I could write as well.

    Unfortunately, I can understand why Jay, who can read so much into Prometheus, would be bored by the overtly political BvS.

  • This was by far, Reed’s best show – at least once you got to the spoilers conversation. For the first time I can ever remember he had an opinion and was defending it. Rather than worrying about what listeners think or whatever, he actually had a passionate opinion about something and wasn’t afraid to express it – even with both Frank and Jay tyring to push him down. Well done sir! More of this PacifistofFury please.

    And again, thanks for the book recommendation Reed – that is next on my “to read” list.

  • Kenneth Serenyi

    I thought there might be a courtroom drama aspect to the movie because of that title choice which would have made the early part of the film more interesting.

  • Sam

    He was great here. I also in particular remember loving his “performance” on the Chappie episode as well.

  • Reed Farrington

    My constant failing is having a hard time backing up my opinions with reasons and examples. Successful movie critics are also able to talk tangentially with regards to the meaning of a movie. I can’t do this.

  • xenobuzz

    I would prefer he direct himself off the nearest cliff and save us yet another shitstorm of boring.

  • gibson8

    Agreed. Reed creates an interesting chaos in the lineup which leaves Frank looking more oafish than usual as everyone awaits Gerry’s madness which did’t actually materialise whereas the lack of critique of Frank is made ever more conspicuous. Everyone of the four agreed with the negative comments about BvS but Frank gives it a 2/5. I suppose it explains his ridiculous summary of Burton’s back catalogue last episode.

  • xenobuzz

    I can’t wait for Snyder to direct himself out the studio door so that it can be locked.

  • So the wheelchair was made of lead. That was made pretty clear. Maybe it’s only in the extended edition.