Film Junk Podcast Episode #556: 10 Cloverfield Lane


0:00 – Intro
8:00 – Review: 10 Cloverfield Lane
19:20 – Spoiler Review: 10 Cloverfield Lane
1:04:15 – Headlines: Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping Trailer, Captain America: Civil War Trailer #2, Screening Room Home Video Service
1:27:40 – Other Stuff We Watched: The Brothers Grimsby, Murder She Said, Midnight Special, Angie Tribeca, Demonoid: Messenger of Death, Love
1:48:25 – Junk Mail: What Makes a Perfect Movie, Multiple Star Wars: Force Awakens Blu-ray Releases, Maintaining Complete Uniformity in a Blu-ray Collection, Is 4K The Time to Start a Movie Collection?, The Proper Way To Pronounce Poutine
1:59:05 – This Week on DVD and Blu-ray / Outro

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  • Bandit Manatee

    Yep slusho is in the movie in the gas station window and the kelvin gas station name is in a lot of jj Abrams stuff. There is even a mention of kelvin ridge in the force awakens.

  • Spoodermon

    “that whole Spider-man suit is CG”

    — Frank making more dumbshit comments

  • Some comments on 10 Cloverfield…

    I think Howard primarily kidnapped her to replace his daughter that his ex moved away with. I don’t think he had any sex slave plans in store for her. One telling moment is when they are playing the word game and Howard keeps saying Michelle is a girl, a princess, etc, and he couldn’t figure out ‘woman’. Also when he freaks out at the table because she is ‘flirting’ with Emmett, more like a Dad would do, but I guess that instance could be interpreted as possessive lover type stuff. As for what went wrong with the first ‘daughter replacement’ we’ll never know, he could have killed her but she also could have killed herself, though that vat of acid makes me think he was mentally ready to kill someone at some point.

    There’s a theory out there that that girl in the pic was really his daughter, Emmett just lied to Michelle about knowing her through school, and that Emmett locked Howard’s daughter in the vent system and killed her, but there seems to be a lot of holes in that, even if it would have been an interesting twist, mainly because the movie never spells out that that’s the true story (probably because it’s not actually the true story.)

    I love movies like this that are ‘less is more’, from the small rumble in her apartment at the beginning, the first sound from above ground that she thinks is a car, but I assumed was an alien craft, then there was the actual car arrival with the woman that misdirected you to think it was a nuke/chemical attack, also misdirecting you off the first overhead sound.

    I can’t think of another time a character shaved his beard & ate an ice cream cone and it freaked me out.

    This movie was definitely an exercise in economic storytelling, I’ll re-watch this over Avengers Age of Ultron any day.

  • Stinker

    Depends on your definition of dumpshit…..

  • Stinker

    Counter Factual Spoiler:

    What if…….she got out, everything is okay and then she finds a (old?) newspaper, with the cloverfield Monster attack in NY as the headline. Fade to black.

    This would have been risky, instead of a CG final, a slow burn, but would have been perfect. And would fit into the cloverfield universe.

  • RJ

    Re: Frank’s CGI-only Spider-Man comment – There have already been reports of a stuntman in the Spider-Man suit filming scenes for Civil War. And, Holland used his gymnastic skills as a selling point during auditions. So, there will be a mixture of practical and CGI.

    Anyway, loved the Monday show!

  • Tommy

    The woman outside’s disfigurement is a result of the alien crop dusting, no?

  • Jameson

    That moment when he walks in with a shaved face and ice cream was the most terrifying moment in the whole film for me.

  • Sean

    Yep. But before that is revealed, my mind was to think of other explanations for how that happened to her when it was actually safe outside.

  • Jr

    Do you even RGB bro?

  • Lori Cerny

    Raiders of the Lost Ark is a perfect film.

  • devolutionary
  • Blake in Boston

    Kind of interesting that Jay and Frank repeatedly say the word “Trump” during their review of 10 Cloverfield Lane, and people thought Sean was the one who pushed agendas. Hmmmmm….

  • Sean

    Easily the film’s biggest flaw.

  • Rob

    Really cool theory about 10 Cloverfield Lane (massive spoilers) that interestingly addresses a few of Jay’s “character motivation complaints.”

    Also, Frank just might be all over this thing:

    It’s also worth mentioning there’s a lot of background information on the characters that exists on viral websites used in an ARG (for example, it talks about the nature of Howard’s job doing satellite work in the Navy)

  • Larry Morgan


    Honestly, the more interesting movie is that there is no Emmett or the hint of a previous girl being killed and at the end she escapes having killed John Goodman only to discover there are in fact aliens and she killed him for no reason. Kinda more like the ending of The Mist or something…although I guess thats been done. Say, she escapes, gets in the truck and is driving off and then out of nowhere comes this ship and the movie ends.

  • Sean

    I don’t think there is really enough evidence to support this, but the theory may have partially sprung from the fact that in the original script the Emmett character had some dark secrets and clashed with Howard.

  • Indianamcclain

    That gas station is supposed to be a Super 8 reference.

  • Bandit Manatee

    But the name kelvin is in lost, alias, Star Wars, super 8 and lots of Abrams stuff

  • devolutionary

    Kelvin was his mother’s (also a producer) maiden name.

  • Indianamcclain

    It is in a lot of stuff, but that gas station in particular is from Super 8.

  • Sean

    It’s just weird because does that mean Super 8 is supposed to be in the same universe? Why wasn’t that released under the Cloverfield name? He’s muddying the water a bit with all of his little easter eggs.

  • Andrija

    Well Sean, thanks for mentioning Angie Tribeca; as a big fan of the naked gun films, I checked it out, and I quite liked it. Since it’s a constant barrage of jokes, it goes from retarded to brilliant, and the brilliant stuff is totally worth it.

  • Kenneth Serenyi

    Will there be an X-Men Premium along with X-Men: Apocalypse?

  • Indianamcclain

    I agree with the gas station but for some reason the Slusho references don’t bother me.

  • Strybeck

    Thanks Sean, for figuring out how to put the episode time breakdown in the podcast itself. That is really helpful for skipping past the spoilers – and finding my place again if I get lost and have to restart the thing.

  • Nobody

    Kind-of Spoilers for
    Cloverfield / 10 Cloverfield Lane

    Sean may be right about the monster coming from the ocean. I read the thing that splashes into the water at the end is most likely a satellite that woke the monster up. They do happen to mention Goodman’s character working with satellites as well. Really fascinating mystery stuff…NOT!

  • Sean

    I believe that is the plan.

  • Sean

    Glad to hear there is at least one other person out there who still digs this kind of humour!

  • Sean

    No problem. Enough people have asked for it at this point that I thought it was probably necessary. Not sure yet if I’ll bother going back to add them for previous episodes though.

  • Spoodermon

    If they were down there for a year the womans body that Michelle gets the car keys off of would have been vastly more decomposed. Once again Frank makes ignorant statements that he whole heartedly believes and just COULDN’T be wrong about. Frank would vote for Trump if he were blessed enough to be a god damn American patriot, I’m fucking sure of it.

  • No one important

    Frank really needs to see “Welcome to Woop Woop”. Then if he likes that, which he most likely will, he should check out “Frauds”. They are both by Stephen Elliot, an Aussie who made Priscilla Queen of the Desert. Both are uploaded on YouTube. Frauds stars Phil Collins and Hugo Weaving.

    Also as far as premiums go you should do a Walter Hill one.

    One other thing I’d like to mention is the long awaited (by me) DVD release of “Frog Dreaming”. It’s an Aussie film directed by Brian Trenchard Smith (BMX Bandits, Night of the Demons 2, Turkey Shoot). It stars the kid who played Elliot from ET and was released in the US under the name of “The Quest”. You guys probably saw it as kids. It’s available from Australia through Umbrella Entertainment.

    You really need to release more of those earlier podcasts from the early 90’s.

  • LordAwesome

    Does Frank really have his sharpness knocked up to the max? What an idiot.

    His opinions on picture quality are completely invalid.

  • Andrija

    yes! you don’t need to go back, but if you add it in from now on, it’d be very helpful.

  • Jonnie123

    Please keep the spoilers at the end Sean!

  • cinedouche

    Disagree. See the movie!

  • cinedouche

    I wondered if she was an actor put up to it by Howard.

  • Colin

    One word: submarine

  • Andrija

    keep in mind that some of these movies aren’t released outside US and Canada at the time the podcast comes out.

  • You could have stopped at opinions.

  • Samb

    Good luck finding a fresh angle.

  • SarahMVaslve

    Agreed. Really nice to see the full rundown on the mp3 now, much appreciated!

  • Ken

    I guess they could be the same universe. It is, after all, another monster movie.

  • Sean

    For the most part, spoiler talk will stay at the end of the show. But there are certain movies where it’s almost pointless to discuss anything without full spoilers and these are the cases where we will be keeping it at the beginning (with fair warning) since the spoiler discussion essentially *is* the review.

  • Jonnie123

    Fair enough Sean :)

  • Andrija

    King of Comedy and The Duke of Spook have their cool nicknames, but it’s about time Sean gets one too. I suggest Spy-Dwy.

  • Gatt Mamble

    Quiet you. We all remember your high refresh rate Beauty Day fiasco; of course you take to defending Franks flaws.

  • If Frank didn’t have flaws what would Jay have to get righteously indignant about?

  • Henry67

    Sean does have one, it’s the ‘Marquis de Mindfuck’.

  • Andrija

    Forgot about that one; I guess it never caught up like those two; it hasn’t come up in the show in quite a while. There should be a poll on the site to settle this for good.