Film Junk Podcast Episode #556: 10 Cloverfield Lane


0:00 – Intro
8:00 – Review: 10 Cloverfield Lane
19:20 – Spoiler Review: 10 Cloverfield Lane
1:04:15 – Headlines: Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping Trailer, Captain America: Civil War Trailer #2, Screening Room Home Video Service
1:27:40 – Other Stuff We Watched: The Brothers Grimsby, Murder She Said, Midnight Special, Angie Tribeca, Demonoid: Messenger of Death, Love
1:48:25 – Junk Mail: What Makes a Perfect Movie, Multiple Star Wars: Force Awakens Blu-ray Releases, Maintaining Complete Uniformity in a Blu-ray Collection, Is 4K The Time to Start a Movie Collection?, The Proper Way To Pronounce Poutine
1:59:05 – This Week on DVD and Blu-ray / Outro

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  • Henry67

    It comes up from time to time, not sure which episode it was coined on though. I don’t think it can be changed at this point, Marquis de Mindfuck is a pretty awesome nickname.

  • Sean

    Don’t forget the Earl of Editorializing.

  • Kenneth Serenyi
  • pcch7

    been gone for a while, because of work and general life stuff. Been catching up and just listened to Jay’s ode to 4k haha. Best thing I’ve heard in some time

  • Tim

    Since when do we consider universal wisdom to be a flaw??

  • Lior

    Did someone finally found a way to resurrect the spoof genre? Those Seltzer/Friedberg disasters plus the scary movie series drove it to the ground.

  • Lior

    Up until I heard the comments of Film Junk I was pretty sure the girl with John Goodman in the photo (wearing the Paris shirt) and the girl in the photo with the earrings were two different people. Was I mistaken? I subscribe to your theory that he kidnapped the other girl to “replace” his daughter, and that his daughter was real. Again, I was pretty sure we see his actual daughter in a photo.

    John Goodman’s character was psychologically complex and interesting until it turned into a knife-wielding acid-burned maniac in the final reel.

  • Sean

    I think the key with Angie Tribeca (and also most of the Zucker, Abrahams and Zucker stuff) is that it doesn’t rely too heavily on parodying specific pop culture stuff. That always results in the laziest, bottom of the barrel jokes and that’s what happened with the Seltzer / Friedberg movies too.

  • Lior

    It certainly looks promising. Thanks Sean for highlighting it. I’ll keep an eye on when it’s available (I don’t use Hulu or have cable).

  • Kenneth Serenyi

    I especially love the performance by Alfred
    Molina (Doctor Octopus from Spider-Man 2).

  • She was dead in the barn later… That’d be quite the long con!

  • The Polaroid with the girl and him on the couch was the same girl from the bigger picture… Not sure if Emmett was lying about it not being his daughter, I need to look for clues about that on rewatch. There seem to be a lot of holes in the theory that Emmett actually killed Howard’s daughter (it’s laid out in detail on Reddit) so I’m sticking with the front and center story that’s presented.

  • Alex

    Sean was incorrect in calling this a Non-Cloverfield movie that a few months before release was turned into one. This was a non-Cloverfield script that was taken a while back by Bad Robot and converted into a pseudo Cloverfield concept film.

  • JARED FROM subway

    UHD is like laser-disc 2.0, people already forgot it’s out or they dont give a darn hahaha. How long do yall think it’ll take for the REAL next generation format?


    – Jared from Subway

  • Sean

    I’m not sure on the timeline, all I really know is that there were rewrites once Bad Robot got involved and the current ending was not in the original script. Whether they were always planning on releasing it under the Cloverfield umbrella remains to be seen.

    From what I read, the actual title 10 Cloverfield Lane was something they came up with pretty late in the game and they definitely added the mailbox shot in post. And that’s really the only thing that actually connects it to Cloverfield so yeah… it sounds to me like it was converted into a Cloverfield movie a few months before release.

  • Jonnie123

    After seeing the film, your comment makes much more sense. Sorry.