More Film Junk Custom USB Drives Going Up for Pre-Order Tomorrow (UPDATE: Pre-orders Are Now Open!)


Update: Pre-orders are now live! You can purchase one right here.

Due to popular demand, we’ve finally mustered up the energy to get off our asses and do another run of Film Junk-branded custom USB drives containing the first 500 episodes of the Film Junk Podcast. If you missed them the first time around and you are desperately looking to get a hold of all of the back episodes, you’re going to want to jump on this because it may be the last time we produce them. The price will be set at $35 USD (plus shipping) each.

In order to try and ensure that everyone can get one, we’re doing things a little bit differently this time around. We’re going to take pre-orders on Bandcamp for about a week starting on Wed. March 9th @ 12 pm EST. Once the pre-orders are complete, we will place the order to get the USBs produced and then after we receive them we will go through the process of copying the files and mailing them out. So please bear with us as it will probably take at least a few weeks to fulfill the orders. These are the exact same 32 GB USB drives that we sold previously, but just to recap, here is what they will contain:

  • The first 500 episodes of the Film Junk Podcast including a few video podcasts
  • Several bonus episodes including the lost Christopher Nolan special
  • The entire run of Fishing with Tom
  • The entire run of Cantankerous
  • A previously unreleased episode of Cantankerous
  • Some original songs heard on the show

Once again, just a reminder that the drive will NOT contain any of the premium podcasts, although we are still looking at doing something separately for them down the road. One other small note: if the pre-orders get out of control we may have to set another hard limit just to keep the quantities to a manageable number. If this happens, we will probably end up having to do a third batch as well. Other than that, if you have any additional questions, just let us know!

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  • Beautiful, thanks guys. Take as long as you need, I’d rather wait than see you guys get stressed with due dates. Is there the option to toss a bit more $ in, like on bandcamp? If not I’ll throw you some extra cheddar on the next premium I buy. This is a steal for the amount of entertainment the show has provided over the years!

  • LongSlog

    Glad to hear more of these will soon be available.

    However, for us lucky few who received one of them as part of the initial sale, how can we be assured that our first-edition drives will retain their exclusive value? Any chance we can get French added to the ‘spines’ of the second run of drives?

  • Henrik

    What are a few video podcasts? Is it full run of VS? Is it FilmJunks video top 10 of 2006 (notorious for its love of shit like little miss sunshine and children of men i believe etc.)? WHAT ARE THE RULES

  • bobsponge42

    I’m in for one, as I missed the first time these went up for sale.

    Sean, have you looked into a service that will produce and fulfill the orders for you? Or, if that’s not possible, a place that will do the grunt work of fulfilling the orders? I can only imagine how tedious this is for you guys.

  • Sean

    Yes, it is mostly the year end video podcasts (ie. the ones that we never had an audio version of). It does not include video versions of any live episodes that were broadcast on Ustream.

  • Sean

    We thought about doing a different colour for this run but ultimately black looks the best so we’re sticking with it.

  • Sean

    I believe there will be an option to kick in a bit more if you feel so inclined.

  • Sean

    Have not looked into it, but if anyone is aware of something like this we might be interested.

  • Henrik

    That would have been a trip. I’m glad that images of Gregs facial hair from the first video year end podcast will be distributed because it is one of my greatest filmjunk experiences.

  • Henrik

    HUGE missed opportunity I have to say.

  • Andrija

    How will we be ordering it?

  • Sean
  • Anti-Popup

    Thanks for doing this Sean. Out of interest, how do you divvy up the profits with regards to young Reed? Does he get a wee taste?

  • Lori Cerny

    In my neighborhood, it’s called a girlfriend or wife.

  • Justicerulez

    Will it have “Jump the Dragon” on it? Please please please!!!

  • Jasper

    Sold out :(

    Probably Frank got them all for exclusivity. Soon they’ll pop up on ebay.

  • doug4700

    I think that may just be the old page from the last order. The post says the new sale will start March 9, 12pm est.

  • Sean

    Yes, the pre-order hasn’t started yet. Stay tuned.

  • Sean

    Yes it will.

  • Sean

    Not in my neighbourhood!

  • TP222

    fuck yes!

  • Jasper

    Gotcha. Didn’t read the post properly.
    Although a rumour like this might increase my chances.

  • Adam


  • Hjels

    I needs it in my veins!

  • bobsponge42

    I found this doing a quick search: Could be expensive unless you’re doing lots of volume. Not sure. But there are services out there apparently. :-)

  • Sean

    Interesting. Thanks Bob!

  • Sean, I’m feeling SO INCLINED I might have to change my pants

  • ABandini

    oh, man

    It’s US$35 plus US$37 of shipping to Brazil :(((((((

    I need some digital buying shit :(

  • Sean

    That doesn’t sound right. It should only be $10 for international shipping.

  • Skarfrock

    One click and cream dream supreme

  • macman8

    Ive been waiting years to re-hear the Avatar episode! So Classic thanks for all the hard work!

  • Marc Inman

    Thank you Sean, Jay and Frankie! missed out last time cos I got the times wrong here in the U.K but I’m very happy today even though I spent my booze money for the weekend!

  • Nia

    Thanks Sean! So, for an order from Ireland, it says that it’s going to be €31.79 plus €9.08 for shipping. I take it we convert that to USD and put at least that magic number (i.e. $45.78ish) in to ‘name your price’? V cheap considering the hours of entertainment for us, and hours of work for you!

  • Sean

    A few people have been asking how this works and I’m actually not entirely sure. I *think* the shipping will get added on to whatever price you set. So I would say don’t include the shipping as part of that or else you might end up paying for it twice.

  • Captain Morgan

    Can confirm. Shipping gets added automatically. Also, if you buy 2, like I did, enter the price you want to pay for 1 of them – it automatically does the math for you. Thanks guys, can’t wait.

  • Nia

    Thank you kindly Sean and the Capt, appreciate it!

  • ABandini

    It’s trying to rip me off, then :( What should I do?

  • ABandini

    Nevermind, I’m stupid as fuck. It was giving me the price in reais :(

  • Jared from Subway

    Did yall see Chumlee got arrested? :(

  • Captain Fram

    SOLD!!! Sixty one Australian dollarydoos are heading your way!

  • jurassicalien

    I can’t believe I missed this. Should not have left the Internet for a week. Guessing these won’t be coming back. I’ll just have to donate to the podcast

  • Sean

    We ordered a few extra so just e-mail me and I can try to set one aside for you.

  • ctweets

    Hi Just received my drive (thanks!) However I don’t seem to be able to pop out the connector as shown on the right of the image shown. What am I doing wrong? Cheers