Ball Junk Podcast Episode #20: The Resurrection of Jake the Snake


Well, slap my Momma and call me 20! It’s a brand new Episode of the Ball Junk Podcast! The Gasman and Frankie Knuckles are back for the twentieth episode of this award-winning podcast! We talk about Jamaica, the Super Bowl, NBA All Star Weekend, Steph Curry, the World Cup of Hockey and review the new documentary ‘The Resurrection of Jake the Snake. Plus, Balls Around the World, your Sack Time Questions and Frankie gets a mean Gas Pedal! So, lace your boots, Download, Subscribe and Rate us on iTunes! Balls!

0:00:00 – Intro: Oscars, Greg’s Trip to Jamaica
0:28:40 – Super Bowl Discussion
0:37:45 – NBA Discussion
0:59:15 – The World Cup of Hockey
1:05:05 – Movie Review: The Resurrection of Jake The Snake
1:20:45 – Balls Around the World
1:30:00 – Sack Time
1:47:30 – Gas Pedal / Outro

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  • Tommy

    “Greg’s Trip to Jamaica” Haha. Awesome.

  • kyri

    nice gem

  • Reverb

    Frank, how can you possibly think Chuck is always right?

    Some clunkers include:
    1. Jump shooting teams can’t win championships (referring to GSW)
    2. Steph Curry’s just a great jump shooter/Draymond Green is too small
    3. Annuhlytucks

    His comment about this year being awful is just an extension of ‘better in my day syndrome’ … He has been hating on the level of play for years. And he is still picking Clips to beat the Warriors.

  • It’s not a Moscow Mule unless it’s served in a copper mug:

    Also, there is Mexican Mule (with tequila), Irish Mule (whiskey), Kentucky Mule (Jim Beam).

  • Anthony

    Is this on iTunes yet?

  • Tommy


  • Anthony

    “Let’s not talk about the Raptors”

    – Every NBA related podcast

  • Sean

    Oops, the date was wrong. It might already be listed there under March 5, 2015, but I just fixed it and hopefully it will update soon.

  • Alcohol Junk…

  • devolutionary

    They shoehorned 5 seconds of Raptors in at the end. (a record?)
    “Anyways”, gotta love the NHL jersey gradiant talk, so Frank. Must be the equivalent of opening title credits.

  • Jasper

    Awesome artwork! I wish there were more snake skin basketballs out there!

  • Jason Hermsen

    Goddangit, deleted it thinking it was an old one. Hope someone got fired over that one ;)

  • Sean

    The lowly intern responsible for this flub has been dealt with accordingly.

    Can you not refresh the feed or go into an archive to redownload it?

  • Jason Hermsen

    Redownloaded it after hearing the latest film junk. Need to know the latest Bills and Fins offseason news

  • Gerry

    I second that awesome. It brought back happy memories of when Greg was on Film Junk.

    I think those ‘bananas’ in your meals may have been plantains Greg. They’re like a savoury more fibrous banana that is delicious fried or boiled.

  • Balls

    Pleeeeeeaaase. They were bananas. The dishes listed ingredients. Some had bananas and others had plantains.

  • Sad face