Film Junk Podcast Episode #552: Deadpool


0:00 – Intro
18:00 – Review: Deadpool
1:07:00 – Headlines: Wolverine 3 and X-Force Aiming for R-rating, Daredevil Season 2 Trailer
1:20:00 – Other Stuff We Watched: Zoolander 2, Hiroshima Mon Amour, Dracula Untold, Turbo Kid, Donald Trump’s The Art Of The Deal, When the Wind Blows, Maggie, Condorman, Kung Fu Panda 2, The Detective, End of Watch, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Baskets, American Crime Story, Vinyl, Sullivan’s Travels
2:26:20 – Junk Mail: The Meaning of Hail Caesar, Cineplex Digital Film Fest Response + 4K Improvements on Old Movies, Quentin Tarantino’s Inspiration vs. Michael Bay’s Imitation, Tarantino’s Writing Credits vs. Director Credits, Steelbooks
3:06:15 – This Week on DVD and Blu-ray
3:09:05 – Outro

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  • Ignorance is bliss in this case.

    But yes, I’m in for trains. Whoo whoo!

  • RED is releasing an 8K camera this year, and Japan has been transmitting 8K broadcasts for a few years now. I think the argument that the windows for format dominance are shrinking is pretty valid. VHS dominated for ~20 years, DVD for ~15 and Blu has been on top for only 5 years or so.

    I mean, check out this sweet debate between Frank and Jay about the merits of DVD vs VHS back in 2001.

  • Gerry

    Please keep telling stories that ‘have nothing to do with anything’ please Jay.

    PS I’m looking forward to the UHD blu ray manifesto episode.

  • Lior

    - Only a few weeks ago did I realize that Deadpool and Deadshot are not the
    same character. I am fatigued by comic-book movies.

    – Having said that, James Mangold’s The Wolverine, which was mentioned on the show, is an absolutely outstanding picture.

    – The Golden Child is a classic but forgotten Eddie Murphy flick which fired up my adolescent imagination at the time.

    – The idea to homogenize or standardize a movie collection is something I cannot understand. I have DVD’s and I have BR’s, I don’t mix them up but I also don’t throw my DVD’s away. I am also not bothered by different sizes of packaging. I just put them to one side so I won’t have hills and valleys on my shelf. I agree with Jay in that having those idiosyncrasies in your collection make it feel unique. Does a book collection have to look the same? No. Than why movies?
    The idea to turn DVD’s into Blu-Rays like was mentioned a few weeks ago in terms of packaging completely misses the point. You collect movies, you do not collect boxes of movies. A movie collection can include different formats, because the movies themselves are always what’s important.

    – Paying 13.99$ for a blind-buy of Dracula Untold???!!!! Oh Dax…

  • DestinationThreshold

    Nah. I love that shit. Jay, plz keep being urself.

  • DestinationThreshold

    Altho.. i may just have hemoCheelia.

  • TP222

    In for a pre-order. It’s about fucking time.

  • J.C.

    Hello Lisa. I understand why you might want to respond to the comment Mr. Stevens left with the things you did, and while some of what you said may be the case for him it also comes across as a little on the pretentious side. Obviously you have taken your love for film and decided you want to watch a wide variety of films that aren’t your normal everyday Hollywood productions and blockbusters, which makes sense because they only account for like maybe 25% of all films made, if even that and what film “lover”, “geek”, “aficianado” would want to limit themselves to such a small portion of films? The problem I have is that in your comment you seem to equate this wider viewing of films as being superior to someone else and use it to try and diminish their opinion even saying “The day someone like him watches films like Hiroshim(a) Mon Amour regularly is the day hell freezes over.” It seems like you drew a lot of conclusions about Mr. Stevens from one post, and again, maybe you are actually right about his film watching habits, I don’t know. What I do know though, is that I enjoyed Deadpool quite a bit more than the film junk crew and yourself, and gave it a 4/5 on letterboxd. Now if I am to take your comments above to heart, that equates to me only watching “regular blockbusters and Oscar-nominated” films. This is not the case for myself because I also try to watch a large variety of films, and yes sometimes that even includes “blockbusters and Oscar-nominated” films. Every once in awhile some of these “blockbuster and Oscar-nominated” films are actually good films as well, and since when does enjoying one type of film mean you can’t enjoy another type of film? These things always boil down to personal opinion and that’s what makes listening to the show so much fun. When Jay is talking about how horrible Flight is and that Denzel is basically in an after-school special, it is made all the better when we have Frank drawing from real life experiences and explaining that Denzel throwing the vodka bottle is a fantastic tour de force of acting!! I assume you listen to the show on a regular basis and if so you know that Jay also likes “blockbuster and Oscar-nominated” films from time to time right? You pointed out Jay for having a greater film vocabulary, but do you forget that this is also the same guy who loves countless horror films that are just trashy, campy fun and nowhere near the high art filmmaking of “Hiroshima Mon Amour”. Does that mean he is an idiot or less inclined to his opinion since he watches “Trick or Treat” every Halloween? Jay doesn’t like Deadpool for many totally fine and valid reasons, but those same reasons that Jay doesn’t like it might be what makes someone else like it. You seem to think Jay’s opinion is right because he watched “Hiroshima Mon Amour”, I don’t think so, it’s still just his opinion and you happen to share it. Sure, watching a large variety of films gives you more to bring to the table when discussing films, and while that can make for more interesting conversations it doesn’t mean that the person who hasn’t watched as many films and can’t draw from as many sources doesn’t have the right to their opinion as well, even if it is less informed by film history. So what if Tim Miller isn’t going to ever make a film in the same stratosphere of Rainer Werner Fassbender or Werner Herzog, he doesn’t have to and you don’t have to go see said film. Sometimes I like to watch fluff films like Deadpool, and the day that I can’t find some entertainment or enjoyment out of them and can only sit through Cries and Whispers or Breaking the Waves for my daily soul-crushing is not a day I want to live to see. I might be reading way too much into your post, but you seemed to read too much into Mr. Stevens post as well, so I guess it’s ok. Either way, it was nice to say a few words on the subject. Keep up the awesomeness film junk crew. I just watched The Witch last night and can’t wait to hear what you have to say about it on this weeks episode!!

  • Kasper

    That’s some of my favorite parts of the show!

  • Daemon

    Pre-order, yes. I hate the Mondo timed release deal. Missed out on the last one and wept…

  • shmee

    i was sure i had heard sloan too.

  • Eric D

    Pre-order sounds awesome..

    And I agree with Frank, Netflix needs to fix their absolute trash of a browsing system. “Because you liked Forrest Gump…… Battlefield Earth”