Film Junk Premium Podcast #46: Michael Bay


Shit just got real. This month’s premium podcast is a sun-drenched epic affair as we look back on the pre-Transformers filmography of Michael Bay including both Bad Boys movies, The Rock, Armageddon and The Island. Special guest Dax joins us as we pinpoint all of the essential ingredients for a Michael Bay action flick and try to determine whether or not any of them are actually worth defending. So who is the unsung hero of the Bad Boys series? Is The Rock to blame for starting Nicolas Cage down the path of VOD trash? Do Hans Zimmer’s ’90s film scores all sound the same? Is Michael Bay a brilliant blockbuster auteur or just a hot shot hack? We’re cocked, locked and ready to rock… download this month’s premium podcast below.

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  • Thurston

    Take me on an emotional ride Film Junk with this premium podcast…

  • Check this out to see Hans Zimmer’s studio, as John Carpenter and Franka Potente take a tour of it (and discuss how he gets credited for writing a score, if others work on it). The Zimmer part is near the end, but the whole thing is worth watching.

  • parapa

    This is so fucking awesome! Can’t believe I’d never seen that before

  • St

    Hello Dax try Mark Mancina / Bad Boys / Prologue -Car Jacking / Heist-Main Title in youtube. Hope this solves to help to fill the hole in your music mind.

  • Jasper

    This is from an episode of the Franco-German documentary series “Durch die Nacht mit…” (Through the night with… ). Most participants will be unknown to english speaking audiences, but other episodes team up:

    Sibel Kekilli & George R. R. Martin
    Terry Gilliam & John Landis
    Stanley Tucci & Tom Rob Smith
    Harmony Korine & Gaspar Noé
    Michael Haneke & Ferdinand von Schirach
    Juliette Lewis & Crispin Glover
    Wayne Wang & Ha Jin
    Franco Nero & Fred Williamson

    Keep an eye out, it’s a fun format.

  • The Harmony Korine/Gaspar Noe one is really good. Have not been able to track down the Franco Nero/Fred Williamson one yet, sadly.

  • jr

    I’m really glad to find out that there are others who like Martin and Bad Boys as much as I do.
    “Wassup, motherfucker?”

  • Sam

    Frank coming through with Michael Bay quotes for MVP on the premium.

  • LordAwesome

    Sorry lads but this is bullshit. Where’s PEARL HARBOR? How can you do a Michael Bay premium without PEARL HARBOR? That’s like watching JURASSIC PARK without the T-Rex attack.

    You f-ed up big time boys.

  • Sean

    Yeah yeah. It would have been too much. If enough people care about it maybe we’ll do a retro review on the regular show sometime.

  • Stinker

    And if you watch Pearl Harbor watch the “Directors Cut”, and then listen to the Audio commentary were Mr. Bay talks with one of teachers about the movie, and how great it is…….This guy beliefs he is a brilliant film maker……Very good idea to not watch Pearl Harbor. Watch Tora Tora Tora, very good movie, no Bayisms and no ZimmerIng. Just a good movie.

  • Johan_W

    Don’t really understand why the master piece of shyte ‘Pearl Harbor’ was left out?? Ditch ‘Bad Boys 2′ instead..

    I’d also like to hear what was edited out this time regarding the Great White fire.

  • kent88

    It’s worth noticing that that appears to be the scoring sessions for the first Pirates movie.

    That score is a bit controversial because it was credited to Klaus Badelt (“Klaus is actually the composer of name on this movie”) and only later was it revealed Zimmer (who had producer credit) had ghostwritten all the main themes for it.

    It’s Zimmer’s POLTERGEIST essentially.

  • Very interesting

  • B.J.

    No “Pearl Harbor”?!? What a travesty!!
    Jay couldn´t be bothered to enjoy 184min of beautiful filmmaking??

  • Dax Gordine

    you are a legend!!!! this is the one!! brb dying peacefully. cheers

  • Rob Champion

    I loved the premium! My only problem with no Pearl Harbor is that I wish that you guys said you weren’t revisiting the movie. Therefore I wouldnt have rewatched that garbage.

  • Elias

    amazing premium, my favorite one yet, Dax kills it

  • eliantigiorgi
  • Deven Science

    I noticed that cut, as well. Maybe it’s better left gone.

  • Thom

    Great premium as ever guys! But how did this not get mentioned…?

  • Sean

    Damn… I totally had that in my notes and meant to bring it up but I forgot.

  • scab

    Excellent premium, guys.

    He’s always fun, but I do wish Dax would lean into his love of trashy movies rather than apologise for it.

  • Sam

    Another omission I thought would get brought up is regarding Sean Connery and The Rock and the theories that he’s supposed to be 007.

  • Tim

    Now that Jay seemingly sabotaged the Michael Bay-Premium by throwing a diva fit over not wanting to watch Pearl Harbor, I´d like to request a special PRESCRIBING JAY with exactly that movie for all the paying costumer Junkers out there.

  • Sean

    Good point, although a quick Google reveals that Connery’s character from The Rock was part of the S.A.S. while Bond was S.I.S. Case closed!

  • Sean

    It wasn’t just Jay. We all agreed we didn’t want to watch it for this premium. I was barely able to get everything watched in time as it is. We’ll think about a retro review somewhere down the line. It could also be included in a war premium, which is something we’ve been talking about for a while.