2015 Film Junk Readers’ Choice Awards: Voting is Now Open!


It’s become a bit of a tradition around these parts that as the holiday season approaches, we turn to the Film Junk readers and listeners to ask them for their favourite movies of the year. Afterwards (usually just after Jan. 1st), we tally up the results and publish them so that everyone can argue about it. The way it works is that we preselect a bunch of nominees in several categories (some of which you will also want to argue about) and offer a write-in vote for best and worst movie of the year. (Note that in order to be considered, a movie should have received a U.S. theatrical release during this calendar year.) Want to take part? Go ahead and cast your votes for the 2015 Film Junk Readers’ Choice Awards starting right now!

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  • Thurston

    My votes have been cast! I always look forward to this end of the year tradition from Film Junk. Thanks for taking the time to include your listeners/readers input. Wishing Sean, Jay and Frank a peaceful and healthy 2016. For my money 2015 was the best year yet for Film Junk. Can’t wait to see what you guys bring us next year…

  • Th3obc

    My best was It Follows. Avengers Age of Ultron might not have been the absolute worst film of the year, but it was certainly a huge huge mess, so I gave it my stinker award.

    Happy Christmas to all the FJ guys. All the effort you guys put in every week is clear to see, and we all appreciate it hugely. Thanks lads.

  • Tommy

    Voted Jupiter Ascending

  • Unfortunately I missed a lot of things I wanted to see, and am still trying to catch up on others. From what I’ve seen so far, Mad Max is far and away the best.

  • ColinZeal

    Worst movie of the year? Mad Max.
    Best movie? Star Wars.

  • Lori Cerny

    I wholeheartedly concur, except for the “peaceful” part.

    I enjoy the fascinating arguments over minutia and the resultant thoughtful input from the FJ listeners. In a way, it’s film therapy for cinephiles.

  • Did you only see 2 movies this year?

  • Nobody

    “When Marnie Was There” is getting overlooked on a lot of animated film nomination lists.

  • pineapplepuss

    you left out Goosebumps

  • ColinZeal


  • RockJoker

    1. TFA
    2. Bone Tomawhawk
    3. Fury Road

  • RockJoker

    Worst – Jupiter Ascending.

  • Mick Brooks

    Wot, no Carol on the list? Easily my film of the year. Only seen three 5-star films released this year. The other two were The Falling and The Duke of Burgundy which I guess are too small to get on this list. And I have rated 39 other films 5-star this year, just not from 2015. And not all classitosis!

  • TP222

    Let’s not forget about Pixels. Sucked balls.

  • devolutionary

    ‘Love and Mercy’ didn’t appear to get either from the Voting this year. Probably a victim of its own release date. Clouds of Sils Maria probably suffered the same fate.
    Only 5 nominees per category? Sounds like Oscars to me.

  • Beat_C

    it happens almost every year: my favourite movie of the year is a release from the year before, this time it’s “inherent vice”. i know frank always goes by the official U.S. release date, but what do you do when the movie gets a later release in your country, in this case february 2015 for switzerland? do you not put it on any list? or change the list from the year before?

  • Sean

    It’s obviously up to you but I think it’s fine to go by release date within your country. I am guessing that Europe-based critics would do the same.

  • This is for sure how Swedish critics do it. For example American Sniper is on critic’s lists as a 2015 film.