Mystery Science Theater 3000 Will Return Thanks to Successful Kickstarter Campaign


In this era of memes and mash-ups, it seems pretty obvious that Mystery Science Theater 3000 was way ahead of its time. The cult classic TV series ran from 1988 to 1999, lovingly poking fun at obscure b-movies with plenty of snark and wit to spare. Now, over 15 years after it went off the air, MST3K will return through the magic of crowdfunding with a brand new cast. Original series creator Joel Hodgson headed up a successful Kickstarter campaign that has become the biggest crowdfunded video project to date, surpassing the Veronica Mars movie. Hit the jump for the full scoop.

As of yesterday, the Mystery Science Theater 3000 Kickstarter campaign successfully drew to a close, having earned $5.7 million. That’s way beyond the original goal of $2 million and, with some additional outside funding, it is apparently enough to produce 14 new episodes of the show. No word yet on where the new show will be released, but you can bet various streaming services will bending over backwards to try and bring this one home.

As previously announced during the campaign, the new cast of the show will include Jonah Ray (The Nerdist Podcast) as the new host and Felicia Day and Patton Oswalt as the mad scientists subjecting him to the movies. While it looks like only a handful of the original writers will be involved, they have recruited some interesting guest writers including Dan Harmon, Justin Roiland, Rob Schrab, Ernie Cline and Dana Gould. They are also promising potential cameos from celebrities such as Jack Black, Joel McHale, Bill Hader, Neil Patrick Harris and Jerry Seinfeld. Are you excited for the return of MST3K?

  • Stinker

    Yes. I missed the toaster Strudel eating gang.