Three Retro Posters for Star Wars: The Force Awakens


The release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens is now just a few weeks away and analysts are predicting it could be the biggest opening weekend ever (Jurassic World is the current record holder with $208.8 million domestic). But that hasn’t stopped Disney and Lucasfilm from continuing to build up the already insane marketing hype. Over the weekend they decided to appeal to your nostalgic side by releasing three retro style posters for the movie based on original teaser posters for the very first Star Wars movie. No doubt they are hoping this will strike a chord with older fans who might still be a little bit resistant to the new movie. What do you think… is this a cool little nod to the past or just plain pandering? Check out the new posters after the jump and see what you think.




  • Thurston

    Not bad…not bad. I do like the font on the lower one. But real questions remain. What does Frank think of the font design and does Frank think it is pandering? Also will Sean get one for the studio? Will he get one to cover up the exposed screw?

  • KateD

    Do you think that Episode VII will actually come up with the classic star wars crawl for this one? They aren’t using it in any of the marketing which seems a little odd. But, it is a Star Wars movie – continuing the story started in the others – so it would be a little weird if Episode VII doesn’t come up…

  • Sean

    I can’t imagine it won’t. Even the Star Wars: Clone Wars animated film had an opening crawl.

  • KateD

    sorry, i didn’t word that the best. I meant, if this one is actually going to be called ‘Episode VII’ on screen or just Star Wars: The Force Awakens. IMDB has it listed without the Episode VII currently.

  • Andrew Dixon

    The real question is: will these replace Star Wars Rocks, Sean?

  • Sean

    No way man.