Nicole Kidman in Talks to Join Wonder Woman


With Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad scheduled to hit theatres next year, both of these movies have been understandably getting a lot more media attention lately than any of the other upcoming DC Universe movies. However, you can bet we’ll be hearing a lot more about the solo Wonder Woman movie soon, which is expected to follow in 2017. Earlier this year Patty Jenkins replaced Michelle MacLaren in the director’s chair and Chris Pine supposedly signed on to play Wonder Woman’s love interest Steve Trevor. Now we’re hearing that another major cast member may be close to signing on as Nicole Kidman is circling the film. But who could she be playing in the movie?

According to The Wrap, Nicole Kidman is currently in negotiations to play “a high-ranking Amazonian warrior” in Wonder Woman. Although that seems fairly vague, the obvious role would seem to be Hyppolyta, Queen of the Amazons, who is also Diana Prince’s mother. If she does sign on, this would be Nicole Kidman’s first role in a comic book movie since playing Dr. Chase Meridian in Batman Forever back in 1995.

Although plot details for the Wonder Woman movie are still mostly unknown, last month it was being rumoured that the movie would take place across three different time periods, one of which would be World War I. Either way, the addition of Nicole Kidman has the potential to add some much needed class and credibility to the DC Universe. Wonder Woman is scheduled to hit theatres on June 23rd, 2017. Does this casting news make you more excited for the movie?

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