New Star Wars: The Force Awakens Poster


Update: Also added some teasers for the new trailer.

As expected, Disney released a new poster for Star Wars: The Force Awakens yesterday along with an official announcement about ticket pre-orders. The new poster is pretty colourful and packed with characters, although as many people have pointed out, Luke Skywalker is missing for one reason or another. The poster also offers our first look at a new Death Star-looking space station of some sort, believed by many to be the so-called Starkiller Base. Perhaps we will learn more tonight when the new trailer arrives online and airs at halftime during Monday Night Football. Are you a fan of the new poster? Check out the full image after the jump and let us know what you think.


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  • Jasper

    I dont have enough bandwidth to see the teasers, but the poster is allright.

  • devolutionary

    Hey Sean, will you picking this one up and framing it at Site A too?

  • Jonny Ashley

    thats a lotta saber goin on

  • yonato

    Where is Luke?

  • Stinker

    Looks like a 2nd Hand Deathstar on the right side, which, well kills Stars and will explode at the end of Episode 7, like something in Episode 1, 4 and 6.
    What new, well lets hope it at least as good as Return ….Lets hope…..

  • Sean

    Not ironic enough for me.

  • Justin H

    Pretty boring poster imo. Orange/Blue color scheme sliced straight down the middle; guess somebody took color theory. At least its trying to look like Drew Struzan but with actorphotos.

  • Justin H

    I guess that well will never run dry.

  • Reginald Gangstapants

    As someone who has dropped out of the hype circus, not watching trailers or keeping an eye on press-releases and “leaks” and what have you, I got to say, I don’t really… Damn. My comment has imploded in on itself. I’m sure this will do big business, but as someone that was once a cinephile and just got bored of the machine, this is all very lame.

  • dean

    Your freakin Film Junk fans all think you are too cool for crap. Bunch of FREAKING SNOBS

  • Jasper

    Je suis film junk

  • Jared from Subway

    looks REAALLLY cute. hoping chewy gets a love interest in this one!