Film Junk Podcast Episode #535: Sicario and Knock Knock


0:00 – Intro
4:30 – Review: Sicario
50:05 – Review: Knock Knock
1:18:50 – Headlines: Hail Caesar! Trailer
1:23:40 – Project Greenlight Recap: Episode 4
1:41:45 – Other Stuff We Watched: Pan, The Walk, Cartel Land, Mississippi Grind, Project Almanac, Dolls
2:49:15 – Junk Mail: Favourite Horror Movie Actors, Our TV Specs, Starting a Blu-ray Collection, Are We Running Out of Good Movies to Watch?
3:11:18 – This Week on DVD and Blu-ray
3:19:30 – Outro

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  • Justin H

    I really really enjoyed Sicario, but my experience was tarnished a bit by the bulb dying in the projector twice.
    First time during the exit from Juarez, completely spoiling the awesome tension building in that scene. Second time was immediately after the tunnel sequence, during a fairly tense confrontation. Huge disappointment, but got some free tickets and they were able to playback what we missed.

  • devolutionary

    Hopefully Frank has finally settled in with his 6/5 pre-rating schemes. Although maybe he intended to give Cartel Land the 6/5 instead and got confused? With only one spot left, I hope he’s chosen wisely.

  • schizopolis

    Sicario was soo intense, I couldn’t hold my bladder in the middle of the movie. I didn’t even realize until after that it was the film that caused this. I was batting a thousand for holding it in the theaters until this friggin film. I’m not alone. After listening to other podcasts, this film affected some of them too. Andrew from Row Three said the movie made him nauseous. Same here. It made me so uncomfortable, I just couldn’t sit in my seat any longer. I’m planning to go back for a rewatch anyway because I loved it, but I’m still bummed that I missed 2-3 mins.

  • devolutionary

    That sucks. Nothing ruins a movie viewing experience faster than bladder watch. I remember blanking out on 20 min of Cloud Atlas for a similar reason.

  • schizopolis

    Yep! I don’t think I missed much though. I left after the bank scene and got back when 2 characters are ordering drinks at a bar. Plot-wise, I don’t think I lost anything, but it affected the flow of the film for me. Though, I really needed that breather. I was close to panicking lol

  • Sean

    Interesting, I rarely have bladder issues during movies but I did actually have the same problem during the first hour or so. I was able to hold it though and eventually forgot about it. Perhaps there is a yellow note (similar to the fabled “brown note”) that the score makes use of.

  • Sam

    Nice to see Frank & Sean really love Sicario. Denis Villeneuve has quickly become a current favorite of mine. Not sure if Frank would like it, but would be curious to hear his thoughts on Incendies which is right along with Sicario for me as my favorite of his movies.

    Shout-out to Reed for including on his list last week. It has a high IMDb rating too!

  • devolutionary

    Have you watched Polytechnique — all shot in b&w? I don’t think it originally got a wide release but that was the first film of his I saw (before knowing who he was). I still need to check out Maelstrom.

  • Sam

    Yeah, I watched it recently finally. Thought it was solid as well. Not as great to me as Incendies, Sicario or even Enemy, but still a solid earlier movie. I do regret watching it with the English audio instead of the French as I feel the French would have suited the film better.

    Maelstrom is the only one of his movies I still need to check out too.

  • devolutionary

    I’m a stickler for watching foreign-language films w/ subtitles as it’s rare to get a great English dubbing. I agree that it’s nowhere near as well shot for dramatic license but his camera technique was quite good even in that film. I think it’s great at painting a very objective and cold view of violence however.

  • Reginald Gangstapants

    I haven’t yet listened to the podcast, but I assume that Frank did watch the trailer for Hail, Caeser…? I think it would be a nice twist to have Frank review the trailer blind, alongside the other two, considering his stance on minimal pre-viewing exposure to a film (the only sane way to go, really). Could make for an interesting discussion, maybe? Maybe.

  • schizopolis

    I think Jay was challenging Frank with Sicario waiting for him to admit that he’s in line with the right-wing macho politics of the film ;)

    I really noticed the gender politics while watching. Blunt was emasculated throughout. Every time her character physically went up against a trained male character, she flat-out lost. The genre aspect of the film seemed to embrace Benicio going all Commando, but doesn’t give Blunt that satisfaction. Like Frank (even though, he hasn’t admitted it), I’m okay with that ;)

    Sicario & Fury Road are my two favorite films of the year, which oddly balance each other. Many say Furiosa stole the movie from Max in plot and performance. Benicio’s character very much stole the movie from Blunt. The movie universe is in perfect balance.

    For me the theme of the film was Villeneuve saying, look how far these men are willing to go to maintain law, order and civilized society. It’s no mistake that their protagonists are a white female and a black male. The politics are a total mindfuck.

  • Sam

    Frank: Thief…5

    Jay: 5? Did you qualify that with a…

    Frank: No, it’s a 5.


    Lying Frank made Jay think up a different example.

  • Frankie Knuckles

    Whoops my bad … the mobile pop up I was looking at didn’t have the review. Was not trying to lie.

  • Sam

    Alright, I’ll accept that. I guess no sweating to be had.

  • devolutionary

    Was this the Julie “Tambor” Clairol makeup commercial that Pan was going for Jay?

  • Bob

    It’s weird, I’ve seen Sicario twice and will probably watch it again on VHS, but I think it’s far from great. The second half or so is much weaker than the great first and the writing seems quite schematic. Blunt’s character, specifically in regards to her reactions and the manner in which she acts on them, felt like an increasingly unconvincing creation as time went on. Vague spoiler warning:

    The Mexican cop character was outright bad; he (and his family) are presented in such a lazy way so the intended emotional impact doesn’t land at all. The different reactions to some of the final scenes is interesting, though. Some people find the dinner table scene to be darkly funny and satisfying, which I can understand. Instead of feeling unsettled, I felt like Del Toro’s last couple scenes mostly made him look like an ultimate ruthless badass who knows exactly what he’s talking about.

  • B.J.

    So Jay was again on full overdrive to push his ongoing agenda of the “Victim-of-Frank´s-Bullying”-narrative.
    This could be easily solved by growing a ball or two.

  • tyler mikol

    Frank… I love ya kid. Youre a great dude.with that being said I have at times had major disagreements with your opinions, but I have never wanted to reach through my earbuds and punch you square in the face as bad as I wanted to today. PETER PAN is not only a classic but It was beloved by me as a kid along with many of my friends. That sucker was on repeat son! You are way off on this one. I know you think that just because little franky didnt like PETER PAN that every other kid must of been just like you! You are DEAD wrong!!! Also You cant say its an Undeserving Classic just because you dont care for it. Oh well… stay frosty my brotha.

  • Lior


    I didn’t get what was the point of spending two long scenes in the middle of the movie with the Mexican cop, building his character, only to have him shot off-handedly by Del Toro’s character.

    Also, I felt Del Toro infiltrated the house of the cartel lord way too easily. Compare this to similar scenes from Breaking Bad that deal with the Mexican cartels. These guys have armies.

    Liked the movie a lot, very intense and well-directed and performed, but the third act had some issues.


    Sean really suprised me by not mentioning the blatant sexism that runs rampant in “Project Almanac”.
    Being produced by Michael Bay the two only female protagonists are pathetic, insultingly shallow shells of real girls with the sole porpuse of supporting the nerdy male characters (with whom they would never hang in real life) and being gazed at.
    Their wardrobe consists of nothing but short shorts and tight low-cut tanktops with the camera oogling them like a creepy pedophile.
    Maybe Sean self-censored himself due to fear of being judged and ridiculed once again by his co-hosts.
    Jay and Frank are beyond delusional when it comes to their juvenile denial of even the most obvious sexism in movies.

    Sean is mostly right on.

  • Sean

    I thought this went without saying in Michael Bay movies. :)

    But yes, the thing that really stuck with me is the fact that the one girl is behind the camera doing nothing for most of the movie, and then just pops out every now and then for some eye candy.


    ..there were several scenes where this mostly hidden actress had to pretend to adjust the camera, just so that her boobs completely filled out the frame. It was ludicrous. Though, I´m sure, completely not sexist whatsoever, according to Jay.

  • Never enjoyed the Peter Pan story. Or Mr Rogers for that matter.

  • Jay Cheel

    MMMmmmm….so fucking hot.

  • Colin

    Oh Frankie… Next time you feel like bad mouthing Mr. Rogers, just take a gander at this.

  • RockJoker

    Loved Jay’s intense throat cleaning.
    Really liked Sicario. Denis Velneuve’s becomig one of my favorite directors working today. Still think Incendies is his best work. Can’t wait for Blade Runner. And cinematography in this film with subject matter almost makes it a companion piece to No Country for Old Man. Dick Master is my hero. He’s a god of framing and lighting.

  • RockJoker

    I really feel for you. Poor thing. =(