Lethal Weapon Reboot Coming to TV


Although the end credits of Lethal Weapon 4 made it pretty clear that the cast and crew had no intention of continuing the franchise further, that hasn’t stopped people from speculating that another Lethal Weapon movie could still happen. Back in 2012, Mel Gibson seemed to finally squash any hope that he might return for a fifth Lethal Weapon movie, at which point the reboot talk started to heat up. Last year there was a rumour that Chris Hemsworth had been offered the lead in a Lethal Weapon reboot called Lionhunters. After that apparently stalled, Warner Brothers has now decided to go a different (albeit increasingly common) route: to the small screen instead. That’s right, Lethal Weapon is about to become a TV series.

According to THR, Fox has agreed to a put pilot commitment for a Lethal Weapon TV series from Warner Brothers Television. The show is being written and executive produced by Matt Miller (Chuck, Human Target, The 100). Original director Richard Donner, producer Joel Silver and screenwriter Shane Black do not appear to be involved, but the article notes that the original filmmakers have given the series their blessing in some way.

Unlike the movie reboot, which supposedly would have focused on the son of Riggs or Murtaugh, the TV version will follow a Texas cop who moves to Los Angeles and is partnered with an LAPD detective who has recently suffered a “minor” heart attack and is trying to avoid stress in his life. There are currently dozens of TV shows based on movies in development right now, but unless they can find a couple of well-known actors with great chemistry, something tells me this particular movie-to-TV adaptation won’t last long. Would you be interested in a Lethal Weapon TV series?

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