Ghostbusters Animated Feature Film Reportedly in Development


If you’re not yet sick of the on again / off again rumours about multiple Ghostbusters movies being in development, here’s the latest… they are apparently back on again. Earlier this year, it was announced that Ivan Reitman had started up a production company called Ghostcorps to help expand the Ghostbusters universe. At the time, it was being reported that there were additional Ghostbusters movies in the works, but a couple of months ago Reitman denied this, sensing that it was taking away attention from the upcoming Paul Feig reboot. Now this week we have a new report about another Ghostbusters movie with one major difference: this one is animated. Hit the jump for more details.

According to The Tracking Board, Sony is in the process of developing a Ghostbusters animated feature film. The movie is supposedly being produced by Tom Pollock and Ivan Reitman through their Montecito Picture Company, while Ali Bell and Kristine Belson will oversee for Sony Pictures Animation. They are currently in search of a screenwriter to generate a script. This appears to be a totally separate project from the previously rumoured Russo Brothers live-action movie, which may or may not still be happening.

It would seem that animated movies are quickly becoming the new way to build on an established movie franchise while capturing a younger demographic. Earlier this year, Sony revealed similar plans for an animated Spider-Man feature with Phil Lord and Chris Miller while Paramount is also reportedly working on a Transformers animated prequel. In the case of the Ghostbusters, there have been several animated incarnations in the past including the ’80s TV show The Real Ghostbusters and a more recent CG version called Extreme Ghostbusters. Would you have any interest in an animated Ghostbusters movie? What if it featured the voices of the original cast members?

  • Tommy

    The studio seem so afraid that nobody’s gonna watch the lady busters.