Dangerous Men Trailer: Drafthouse Films Preserves Another Cult Classic for Future Generations


In addition to all of the great genre films that the fine folks at Drafthouse Films have been bringing out over the past few years, they are always on the lookout for the interesting oddities that sometimes surface at repertory theatres. Older movies like Miami Connection and Roar already had a reputation and a cult following before Drafthouse came along to save them from obscurity. Now this week they have announced that they will release a film called Dangerous Men, a quirky action thriller from Iranian director John Rad that has screened around L.A. over the past decade to increasingly enthusiastic crowds.

Described as “a pulse-pounding, heart-stopping, brain-devouring onslaught of ’80s thunder, ’90s lightning, and pure filmmaking daredevilry from another time and/or dimension”, the movie revolves around a woman who witnesses the murder of her husband and sets out to blaze a bloody trail of revenge across Los Angeles. It played at a secret screening at Fantastic Fest earlier this week and soon it will finally be released to the general public as well. Dangerous Men hits select theatres on Nov. 13th before hitting VOD in December; check out the teaser trailer after the jump and let us know what you think.

  • Lori Cerny

    I’m confused. Is this a 2005 movie spoofing 80s & 90 action films? If so, I’d rather see a genuine B movie where the intention was there, but the crew failed oh so miserably. And no new parody film can top Black Dynamite.

  • Tommy

    The trailer says it’s 26 years old.

  • Sean

    The movie took 26 years to make, but it was completed in 2005. Apparently it feels strangely out of time though… not unlike Tommy Wiseau’s The Room.