Film Junk Podcast Episode #531: The Visit


0:00 – Intro
4:00 – Review: The Visit
32:00 – Headlines: Arnold Schwarzenegger to Host Celebrity Apprentice
36:35 – Other Stuff We Watched: Steve Jobs: The Man in the Machine, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Mistress America, The Man from Earth, Black Swan, Hitman: Agent 47, The Congress, Stray Cat Rock: Delinquent Girl Boss, The Target Shoots First, Dressed to Kill
1:10:30 – Junk Mail: M. Night Premium, Last Sequel to Win Best Picture Follow-Up, The Nightmare Before Christmas, More Versus Movies That Need to Be Made, Letterboxd Pro, Favourite Scream Rip-Off, The Definition of Cameo, Selling Digital Codes, Frank’s Reassessment of Mad Max: Fury Road, Sean’s Memory Problems
2:15:50 – This Week on DVD and Blu-ray
2:19:45 – Outro
2:21:45 – Spoiler Discussion: The Visit

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  • Craig

    The Internet in crying like babies shocker…

  • devolutionary
  • ah

    Frank’s taking a beating in the comments as per usual, and as per usual it’s mostly deserved, however, credit to Frank for the ‘prewatch’ concept – so funny to listen to.

    I’m not totally against Frank changing his score to 6/5, with the proviso that he admits he was fully at fault for not giving it that score to begin with (none of this nonsense excuse about the presentation), and also that this is a one-off and allowed on the basis that 6/5 is a new concept and the film junk crew are still figuring it out. I would suggest that Sean should be offered one last chance to change his score too, but I know he won’t do it because he can’t see a 6/5 even when it’s staring him in the face for 2 hours straight.

    Going forward, a retroactive 6/5 should not be allowed as it defeats the whole purpose of it! Credit to Jay for being bold and using his 6/5 and I hope Sean and Frank follow his lead in the future and aren’t scared to use their 6/5 rather than just save them for the end of the year, which is a bit boring.

    Thanks for the show – you’re all great!

  • pcch7

    hey I love Frank, think he’s been an awesome addition ever since he first came on. Still, gotta call him out on bs every now and then. I love his crazy ideas, it’s part of what makes filmjunk so much fun for me. I wouldn’t want him to change one bit, it’s nothing personal but if no one reacted what would be the point.

  • ah

    Agree 100%

  • devolutionary

    Frank is also the same guy (though he’s receeded a bit) who originally said “tough cheese” to those who wanted to rate films in the new year because they were exclusively screened at film festivals in December or in specific countries only.
    But without him, would this podcast get the traffic it does? hmmm.

  • Oztron Prime

    In relation to Sean’s memory loss, I think it became a issue with all three of you on the fast and furious and marvel premiums. And you called out the reason why then. Your re watching these films one after the other in the space of a small time and ones blurring into another or by the 6th film birdies setting in. I’m not sure it it’s because you want more content available so we pay more, but it’s showing on some of the longer premiums. Fast and the furious could of been a two part premium, 1-4 in one go and 5-6 and a bonus as pt 2.
    But forgetting details or plot points have been noticeable


  • Big Hoss

    Yeah, it would. It got plenty of traffic with Greg, Sean, and Jay.

    I’m not saying Frank should go, I’m saying don’t act like a pussy – either commit to the 6 after the first watch or don’t use it at all.

  • devolutionary

    When has Frank truly committed to anything he’s decreed? Classitosis, (reverse) Criterionitis, comedy meter scale, drama for the sake of drama, mom (but not dad) mentality, several blu-ray organization manifesto rules, audience free pass to cheap horror but not comedy (wtf?), etc. I am a little suspicious that he was willing to tweet the pre watch of Mad Max though.

  • Sean

    Yeah, we were kind of asking for trouble when we took on some of these bigger franchises that we weren’t big fans of. I can assure you we are not making more money from the longer premium podcasts. I think we’re generally trying to give as much value as possible but ironically the quality of the podcasts may be dropping as a result. We are definitely favouring shorter premiums as of late but I suspect we will need to start coming up with other ideas for premium content in the near future.

  • FDB

    The franchises that you guys aren’t big fans of make for the most entertaining content, imho.

  • Oztron Prime

    Lol agreed

  • Oztron Prime

    Still enjoy the content thou :)

  • parapa

    Eh, I think they’ve still been very good, don’t overthink it or get self-conscious about it. The content’s as great as it’s ever been as far as I’m concerned, and I’ve been listening for like a decade at this point

  • Kasper

    Cream dream supreme: Limited series podcast on Earwolf’s new subscription-based service, Film Junk & Friends – shorter episodes focused on film and comedy. Have great guests like Dax and Gourley on!

  • pcch7

    Director specials would be fun

  • ah

    I enjoy them, but would really like to hear some premiums that include more quality films. A Tarantino premium is overdue; also Kubrick and Paul Thomas Anderson. These should probably be 2-parters so that each film gets the discussion it deserves and also to prevent fatigue setting in during the rewatches.

  • Just want to say that I genuinely appreciate the effort put into the premiums. Thanks to all the Junkers for the show. Yall are the phuckin best!

    Keep vibin in the free world!

  • For what it’s worth – even as a huge Frank supporter – I do think the 6/5 (much like the first recording of a star rating on letterboxd, per the manifesto) must be declared / awarded within 24 hrs of viewing.

    Where the waters get a bit murky is, *are you allowed to award a film a 6/5 on a REWATCH*?…. Since the “rule” currently is that you get 2 per year – perhaps a fair way to handle this scenario would be to say, *if you give out a 6/5 on a REWATCH, you lose your opportunity to give out a 2nd 6/5*.

    ^^^Although, this amendment doesn’t cover the possibility of someone awarding their first 6/5 of the year to film A, and then re watching a hypothetical film B later in the year to award it a REWATCHED 6/5.

    …my head hurts…

    Thanks for the show. Keep vibin!

  • Big Hoss

    PTA PTA PTA enough literal film junk, lets get some quality in this bitch.

  • Lior

    My head hurts too. I hoped to hear about Frank’s reassessment in rewatching Fury Road – reassessment in film terms – instead I got treated to another tedious and overlong discussion about this 6/5 nonsense. I guess some people enjoyed it, and I’m usually very positive in my comments, but this is just fast-forward material for me. Sorry.

  • Sorry you didn’t enjoy it.

    But, for the record, I love the ‘6/5 discussion’ and the ongoing debate over star ratings in general, and alllllllllllll that jazz. Can’t get enough of it, really.

    I’ve heard it said before, but I’d literally listen to the Film Junk crew read the phone book.

    P.S. Sean, Jay, Frank – if you’re reading this ^^^ the phone book thing might be a great premium.

  • Lior

    Yeah, well, just look at the comments below, I’m obviously in the minority. Or at the very least, fans of the rating debates are more vocal then non-fans. Good idea about the phone book.

  • Trigger

    The studio had Paul Walker attached to play Agent 47 in the reboot, so there was a bigger name set to star at one point.

  • pcch7

    Btw, does anyone remember what Game Junk episode Frank broke the 100k gamerscore on?

  • It’s an early one, in the episode synopsis the event is called ‘a special moment’ or something like that.
    It was episode #5
    2:35:35 – Frank’s Big Surprise

  • pcch7