Amazon Prime Video Introduces Offline Playback


Following the recent news that Hulu has stolen away a major content deal from Netflix, Amazon has come out with a big announcement of their own. In this case, it is a technology-related announcement, but one that could potentially land them a few new Amazon Prime subscribers. The retail giant has just added offline playback to their Amazon Video app, something that gives them a significant competitive advantage considering that Netflix has already stated will never happen with their service. Hit the jump for more details.

The latest update to the Amazon Video app (formerly known as Amazon Instant Video) has added the ability to download both movies and TV episodes directly to your mobile device, allowing you to watch even without an internet connection. For now, this option is available only for a subset of Prime Video selections, but it may expand further in the coming months. Once you have finished watching something, you can simply delete it from your device to free up space.

The option is a huge win for anyone who frequently flies on planes or stays at hotels with spotty wi-fi service, for example. It could also be a pretty big deal for those of us in Canada without unlimited streaming plans for our phones, although Amazon Prime Video is not technically available in this region yet. Either way, the reason Netflix is unable to provide the same option is because it would change their licensing deals to be in the same realm as standard rentals… something that Amazon already offers. Are you planning on taking advantage of Amazon’s new offline playback feature?