Listening Trailer: A Sci-Fi Thriller About Mind Control


Here’s an interesting sci-fi concept that may or may not make for a great sci-fi movie: what if someone invented a device that allowed you to visualize what someone else is thinking? Although mental telepathy has been featured in plenty of sci-fi and fantasy movies over the years, it has usually been portrayed as a supernatural or spiritual ability as opposed to something we could achieve through technology. The upcoming film Listening seems to take the Primer approach, imagining a scenario where real-world science not only makes telepathy possible, but also “better than sex.”

Directed by first-time filmmaker Khalil Sullins, the movie focuses on a group of grad students who come up with the mind-reading technology, hoping to cash in on it. Of course, the government quickly comes knocking, claiming that it is a matter of national security, and soon they are considering the possibility of mind control as well. It certainly looks like there are some interesting ideas here, let’s just hope the execution is there as well. Listening hits select theatres and VOD on Sept. 11th; check out the trailer after the jump and let us know what you think.

  • Jasper

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