David Ayer’s Suicide Squad Trailer


Whether it was planned or not, the first footage from David Ayer’s Suicide Squad found its way online shortly after it debuted at Comic-Con. So now, a couple of days later, Warner Brothers have decided to release the whole thing in HD anyway. The trailer seems to be following the Zack Snyder style guide although it somehow has even less colour and an on-the-nose cover of The Bee Gee’s “I Started a Joke”. I don’t really understand why you’d introduce such a weird cast of lesser known characters so early in the development of the DC Universe, but I’m guessing this movie is relatively cheap and easy to produce. Either way, it looks like something a bit different I suppose. Suicide Squad hits theatres on Aug. 5th, 2016; check out the trailer after the jump and see what you think.

  • Corey Watts

    I really hope this is more like “Fury” than “Sabotage”. If the rumors about this movie having a real connection with this new Batman’s backstory are true, it could be very, very cool! But, as a fan, I’m kinda nervous…

  • 1138sw

    I’m not sure what DC is doing but they either got it right or they are screwing the whole universe all at once. The WB is playing catch up and they want to catch up fast!!! Like Warp 10 fast into the comic making machine and they don’t seem to have a plan….or do they?

    Either way some parts of this I like and the other parts seem incongruous…i.e. parts with Wills smith. He’s been such a major star for so long seeing him play this type of character as part of an ensemble seems out of whack. As for Jared Leto’s Joker…well I’m not sure what to make of it other than I hope for the best.

  • Batman

    This looks like such garbage


    Better than I expected it to look but at the same time it’s almost nauseating how much they’re trying to separate themselves from Marvel by going darker and more ominous. But I think a lot of that has to do with the fact that Snyder was the director they allowed to setup the tone and visual look of the universe. Every film from this point on is gonna have his overdone, contrasty stink on it.

  • Matt the Kiwi

    It’s really hard to get excited about something that is over a year away. Surely this is the limit for how far out a movie will be promoted. I predict that that the King of Conspiracy will predict Jared Leto’s untimely accidental death a month out from the release of Suicide Squad.

  • Jameson

    Even though I haven’t seen his films, I imagine this has more of David Ayer’s own style than Zack Snyder’s. Yes it’s dark, but Snyder’s look is overly digital whereas this looks has more realism.

  • FoxMulder

    Enjoyed all of David Ayers movies at least on some level, therefore i’m rather excited. Also, it hasn’t the level of contrast and grain that Snyder uses so often and which I never liked. Furthermore, it’s a change from the formulaic family friendly Marvel productions that are playing safer and safer with every movie.

  • Looks far better than I thought it would and nice to see the tracer fire from Fury carry over. Two things that stick out as really awful are the music and Jared Leto.

  • Doesn’t look like Will Smith is capable of playing a bad guy.
    And the grills on the joker still look like shit.

  • pcch7

    More hype for this than Superman vs Batman that’s for sure. I think Harley Quinn looks spot on, I’m curious about Delevingne though. Still haven’t seen her act so who knows, she does seem to be generally talented so who knows. I’ll bet my sweet ass and half a titty that Jai Courtney will be boring as hell though.

  • Anthony

    So Joker will have the tattoos in the film? Laaaaaaaammee.

  • Jones

    It’s odd to me that studios still hesitate to release the footage themselves. You’re screening it at comic con, you know people are going to be uploading the footage. Just upload it immediately after the comic con presentation and be done with it.

  • Captain Morgan

    I….I kinda like it…

  • Bandit Manatee

    Going be good. It feels much more like some of the comic films of the 90s. More willing to do its own thing with these characters rather than be a slave to lore

  • ReelJunkie

    I think it looks great. Far more inspired than anything I’ve seen from Marvel in a while. I hope Ayers brings the grit of his previous films to this.

  • Zac

    Anyone else get a mid-90s Gary Olman vibe from Jared Leto?

  • Mrespony

    To Sean’s point, does DC have a bench of widely known characters? Most of the second stringers are already on TV. I am pleased to see from fresh faces on the big screen, everything else has been rebooted to death.

  • CyEd


  • Daniel Lindquist

    Yeah! Nauseating! Because a movie doesn’t have the same aesthetic as another I feel physically ill. Get a handle on your hyperbole there champ.

  • ReelJunkie

    Too early to tell. To me he looks like he could be one of the psychopaths from the Hostel films. And that’s a very good thing.

  • Jonny Ashley

    Everything has been working against this movie until now and I think I’m finally ready to start rooting for it.

  • Stinker

    since Warner /DC is
    aware of the bad press makes this movie is a gamble, and this is at least a
    gamble like Guardians of the Galaxy was. Hope to see more movies like this.
    Even when 2 out of 3 stink.

  • theo

    Face paint is probably not issued in prison…. and how often do you see the Joker without a shirt? Same goes for Harley Quinn’s faded colored hair. No hair dye in prison.

    Honestly I would be surprised if Joker didn’t have tattoos.

  • theo

    It’s not a grill

  • theo

    Cool story bro…

  • So it’s a new set of teeth? Makes more sense, but I still don’t like the look of them.

  • That comic is not really representative. You know that Frank Miller is pretty much crazy now, right? In that comic Batman is trying to make Robin eat rats.

  • ReelJunkie

    DC has been great with the trailers/promotion so far. Hope the films are just as good if not better.

  • 1138sw

    LOL yeah I agree love the early FM (the Dark Knight, DD, Electra days), but yeah FM seems to have gone the…eccentric route these days. But I must admit there is something rather interesting about his “new” interpretation of Batman.

  • devolutionary

    As solid as the trailers seemed (in general), I’ll reserve judgement for the movie. While I liked the operatic music choice in the trailer, it was also the most manipulative thing about it, which in turn made me like this less. Having said that, pre-trailers, I was more excited about this film than Dawn of Justice.

  • Anthony

    Do you honestly think Joker would sit through hours and hours of tattoo sessions? With as nuts and crazy as he is would he be up for it? How about handling the after care aftewards and going in for touch ups? With face paint you can make the argument that those scenes are from when he escaped (think Heath Ledger from Dark Knight after he breaks out of prison where his face paint was all rubbed off and faded and the scene following when he lights the money on fire). Regardless of where the hypothetical facepaint and tattoos are issued, he could have stolent he face paint and can slap it on quickly. Even if he stole the tattoo equipment do you think he’d be able to tattoo himself and have it look good enough like in the trailer and promo pics? No, he’d have to find someone. Who would he find? Who would be willing to tattoo a complete psychopath?


    Same thing can be said with Harley Quinn’s hair, which you said is faded and could have just faded over time. We also dont’ know how long any of these people were in prison for.

    Nothing about the Joker having tattoos makes sense.

  • Zac

    I definitely get that sense now that you mention it, but for some reason, that shot of him walking with a sort of crazed confidence reminded me of Gary Oldman from The Professional.

  • I like old FM as well. The new FM I enjoy mostly for the craziness ;)

  • ReelJunkie

    I can definitely see that as well. Got full trust in Leto to deliver something special.