Film Junk Podcast Episode #521: Burying the Ex


0:00 – Intro
8:51 – Review: Burying the Ex
33:41 – Headlines: R.I.P. James Horner
44:18 – Score Bits
1:10:32 – Other Stuff We Watched: True Detective, Chappie, It Follows, Silicon Valley
1:27:02 – Top 5: Best Movies of 2015 So Far
1:30:47 – Junk Mail: Focus Groups and the Almighty Dollar, A.I. Driven / Computer Generated Movies, Selling DVDs from Combo Packs, Changing Letterboxd Ratings Mid-Film, Degree of Difficulty Scale For Movies, “Tales For All” Series
1:56:25 – This Week on DVD and Blu-ray

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  • Essie

    Thank you very much.

  • Thurston

    Jay I’m so glad you let the cat out of the bag and proclaimed your admiration for double D’s Daddario. I’m not proud to admit it and I know it sexist but my god I can’t get her out of my damn mind. Ever since I saw her in True Detective season 1…oh daddy what a scene. She’s an automatic +1 star.

  • Thurston

    The Amazing Grace duet tribute to Horner brought tears to my eyes. Beautiful moment.

  • Sam

    Frank stomping all over Sean’s toes!

  • pcch7

    Is Clouds of Sils Maria available to watch in Canada? I mean in a legal capacity? In any case, I would love to hear Film Junk’s take on it.

  • pcch7

    I’m pretty sure we all do it, men and women, it’s just people don’t say it out loud. Probably for fear of the court of public opinion.

  • Sam

    I would be curious about that one too.

    Also, I was kinda curious if Dope or Me and Earl and the Dying Girl opened up Canada or not, like they have here.

    Plan to watch Dope today, and watched Me and Earl and the Dying Girl over the weekend, and while I didn’t love the movie, I think it would be interesting to hear them talk about. A lot of potential “Criterionitis” talking points in that movie.

  • ECONOMYpolitica

    Surprised none of you has reviewed LOVE & MERCY. I’ve seen a bunch of movies this year, and that one was the best by far.

  • pcch7

    I was too late for this episode with my email suggesting a halloween outfit for Sean or Frank. Commander Balok

  • pcch7
  • pcch7

    It was honestly not any worse than the performances during this years Stanley Cup =D

  • Sean

    Clouds of Sils Maria is not available legally as of yet. I believe it comes out on DVD and Blu-ray next month. Dope and Me and Earl are both in limited release.

  • Sean

    It’s only playing in 2 theatres in Toronto at the moment. But I’d like to see it.

  • Sam


  • Matt the Kiwi

    The swimming scene in San Andreas…woah. My girlfriend caught me grinning like an idiot during that moment at the movies….could…not…stop.

  • Kh

    The Enemy at the Gates/Willow motif is also very prominent in Troy.

    Also, tying in with the topics of test audiences and Horner, this is what Wikipedia has to say about Troy’s score:

    “Composer Gabriel Yared originally worked on the score for Troy for over a year … However, after having screened the film with an early incomplete version of the score, the reactions at test screenings were against it and in less than a day Yared was off the project … According to Yared, his score was removed due to a complaint by the screening audience that the score was too “old-fashioned” … The replacement score was written by composer James Horner in about four weeks.”

  • schizopolis

    I’m a fan of Sean’s doppelganger. But is Burying the Ex better or worse than his other VOD trash horror movie, Odd Thomas?

  • Justin H

    Wouldn’t automatically call that sexist haha. Can’t help being attracted to an attractive woman.

    But yeah, that scene…my girlfriend and I both said “damn” simultaneously hah.

  • LordAwesome

    I’d like to Bury the (s)Ex with Daddario, if you know what I mean.

  • B MP Rooney

    It’s a pretty bogus movie.

  • pcch7

    I liked it a lot. Killer cast

  • Thurston

    That’s a tough call. Odd Thomas is more horror and Burying the Ex is trying for comedy. I had a little fun with BtE. However I got so frustrated with Anton Yelchin (aka Sean Junior) character. He is so passive and weak in the film. I did pay for a rental on iTunes, but there is a low res pirated version on YouTube. I say check it out just for the Daddario.

  • LordAwesome

    Valerie and Her Week of Wonders should be the Blu-ray of the Week. It’s right up Jay’s anal alley – a beautifully shot elliptical horror movie about a girl’s sexual awakening released on Criterion Blu-ray.

  • Kasper

    Leaving in the little scuffle over the order of the segments is an automatic half star bump for the episode. Great stuff!

  • Sam

    I hope to rewatch that very soon. I believe the next Barnes & Noble Criterion sale is supposed to start on 7/7, one of the many recent releases I hope to pick up.

  • devolutionary

    This might be one of Paul Dano’s best performances.

  • hairrymenbrotherhood

    let it go Dwayer
    just let it go

  • Tim

    “Valerie and Her Week of Wonders” is one of the most beautiful films ever made.
    Considering Jay has never shown any interest in avantgarde or surrealist cinema, I highly doubt he will check it out though.

  • Jameson

    Yeah, the sale starts 7/7. My wallet can’t wait.

  • Jameson

    I just saw Dope last night and enjoyed it but it was far from perfect. Would love to hear you guys review it at some point.

  • iammattz

    Thanks for the heads up on the sale.

  • ReelJunkie

    Jay narrating the voices in Frank’s head with the reverb effect killed me. It should feature more often in the show!

  • LongSlog

    Agreed. I don’t know who did the editing this episode (I think they said it was Frank?) but great job, the reverby thoughts were fantastic, as well as the entire score-bits/ song by Jay/Frank stuff.

  • ReelJunkie

    Actually all the reverby bits were gold! I demand more reverbs from now on!

  • B.J.

    Agreed. Jay reads Frank like a book, without fail.
    We need him to translate more of the KOC´s most private and secret inner thoughts for the listeners.

  • pcch7

    Jay should ask Siri to divide zero by zero on the next episode.

  • pcch7

    I was shocked when Frank guessed The Rock on one of the bits. The Rock was obviously scored by Hans Zimmer =D

  • Kenneth Serenyi

    Thanks for the great tribute to James Horner. I just saw a performance on youtube of a theme from Braveheart that even made Mr. Horner all weepy in the audience. I’m just selfishly grateful that John Williams is still alive to write some more great Star Wars music.

  • I didn’t write the email but Filmtipset works exactly like Frank guessed, there is only the one rating to play with for every movie. No rewatch ratings. That is one of the things I don’t like about that site, because there is no way to keep track of both the awesomeness of the first time viewing and the crappiness of the rewatch.

  • devolutionary

    I was more impressed when Jay guesed the Spiderman score. I seriously don’t know how he picked that out of a single second of music.

  • pcch7

    Just watched the Howard Stern show for 9/11 that Jay linked to on his twitter and wow.. I realise the frustration and anger the Americans must have felt but still, lashing out at european countries that had nothing to do with it and comments like “bomb everyone” and (paraphrasing) “don’t even think about what countries did it”. I’m probably gonna catch some flak for this but still. There was one voice of reason on the show (not Robin)