Film Junk Premium Podcast #40: Marvel Cinematic Universe: Phase One


Now that Phase Two of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is wrapping up this summer with Ant-Man, we thought it would be a good time to go back and revisit the entire first wave of Marvel’s superhero films, starting with Iron Man all the way through to The Avengers. It was only seven years ago that Marvel decided to step out on their own and completely change the blockbuster landscape, although there were definitely some growing pains along the way. We attempt to go through the series with a fine-tooth comb, examining such hard-hitting topics as casting and costume design, Intellicrops and integers, penile implants and post-credit scenes. So is the concept of a connected universe a boon or a burden? Is The Avengers still one of the best comic book movies ever made? Do the plots of these movies even make any sense? Grab this month’s premium podcast below… it’s a bargain, you mewling quim!

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  • Andrew Lincoln

    Can’t wait to listen. But jeez, I would not be able to make it through most of those films again.

  • Kenneth Serenyi

    I’m glad I checked the site this morning – usually I get an email when the Premiums come out. While I enjoy most of the Phase One movies, Avengers and Phase Two gets much better. Thanks for this show!

  • pcch7

    I liked how in Iron Man when Paltrow is downloading stuff from the computer and she watches the terrorist video with Stark, and she types translate and it translates it with the actors voice and an arabic accent. That’s some translating software

  • LongSlog

    Just got to the point where Jay did something very physical and dramatic with immediate consequences to the Film Junk physical environment. So hilarious. Never change you fine folks.

  • pcch7

    The chitauri and Thanos want the tesseract, which Loki will give them in return for them helping him wage a war on earth and it’s heroes. Easy peasy. The reason for him going on the ship is to manipulate the Hulk, which the Black Widow gets out of him in the conversation when he calls her a mewling quim.

  • ReelJunkie

    Dis gon be good!

  • Sean

    Yeah but I guess part of our confusion is why does he need to manipulate the Hulk? Why does he *want* to get captured? And I guess it’s just that he knows The Avengers will get in the way of taking over Earth, so he needs to eliminate them.

  • pcch7

    It’s that simple. The Avengers and Shield are the only threats to his plans so he gets them to fight each other instead and the Hulk is the easiest target and also the most dangerous. They even talk about it, Hawkeye says he needs a distraction and an eyeball. Loki gives him the eye and then creates a distraction by getting on the ship and messing with them.

    Just read that Jake Loyd has been arrested. The humiliation knows no end, maybe you guys can discuss this on the next podcast =D

  • pcch7

    Frank should do a line reading of all of Hopkins lines =D Reed could do Thor’s lines

  • Frankie Knuckles

    Shit … I knew it was more than just the interface, really wish I would have made a note for that.

  • pcch7

    Haha yeah it’s pretty ridiculous

  • devolutionary

    At the very least I liked most of Marvel phase one but I must be the only one in my circle who didn’t find Avengers to be that great.

  • pcch7

    Christopher Guest collection + This Is Spinal Tap would be a nice premium in the future.

  • Bandit Manatee

    I got to look up these marvel one shots. They sound pretty lame.

  • Kasper

    The only Phase One movies I’d care to revisit would be Iron Man and The Avengers. I feel that especially Iron Man still holds up, at least it did when I rewatched it 1½ year ago.

  • HurricaneNelly

    I want my dollar back… Jay, why did you even show up for this podcast?? Can you make it more obvious you don’t like these movies?? Frank you make my ears bleed every time you nitpick stupid shit.. It’s a frickin comic book movie for Christ sake. Sean grow some balls and push back once in awhile. If I hear, well I guess or yes I see your point, I think I’m going to puke.

  • Great premium! Didn’t mind having to buy it twice :)

    The movies from phase one I would say I like are Iron Man 1 & 2 and Avengers. The others I have only watched once and don’t really feel like revisiting.

  • Samb

    But if Jay ever acted like he really wanted to be there, it wouldn’t be a Film Junk podcast. The fact that he hates doing the premiums is what makes them worth paying for. We have him trapped, don’t you see that? Dance, monkey!

  • Colin

    Thanks for the premium, which I enjoyed way more than any of the Marvel films. Shocked that you resisted (forgot?) to include a “post-credits” scene teasing the Phase 2 premium, possibly involving Jay acting again like a bull in a china shop.

  • Jay Cheel

    Are you new to the show? We’ve always been this annoying.

  • Kasper

    And we wouldn’t want it any other way!

  • Kenneth Serenyi

    *Sigh* I get so tired of Jay’s and Frank’s quirky dialogue in all of their podcasts together. It’s like Joss Whedon and Kevin Smith had a love child whom went on to write the podcasting scripts for both of those guys. :) Why has no one mentioned that Filmjunk has jumped on the Marvel bandwagon and increased their shared junkamatic universe to two other podcasts, including The Boardroom. This would make Frank just like Agent Coulson – being in every junkcast episode.

  • schizopolis

    A coffee mishap within the first 15 mins. Good stuff!

    I’m pretty sure Terrence Howard said he was offered less money for Iron-Man 2, even though he was supposed to make more. Knowing Howard’s reputation now, I imagine it was a tactic used by Marvel because he probably wasn’t liked on set. I’m speculating on this part, of course.

  • schizopolis

    I have a suggestion. Next time you guys do a premium that Jay obviously could care less about, make sure his reviews are scripted. His “table reading” during The Avengers review was hysterical! I assume it was some random fanboy’s review or maybe Joss Whedon wrote it for Jay?

  • gibson8

    Jay, when Frank first guested he was like a little kid. He only gradually introduced his desire to point out incidental detail with the gravitas of an individual with insight. Now you just argue about ratings which is incredibly not as annoying as it sounds but it has led to a change in the listenership. It has grown with lots of people who obviously like Frank.

  • Maik

    “like a little kid” being in his late 20s/early 30s I might add~
    but I must agree that Frank´s influence on Jay is enormous, transforming him from a cinephile into a sort of geek being hyper-obsessed with shit that is completely irrelevant

  • Dstrbpx

    For Jay´s and all our enjoyment I´d like to recommend a Cameron Crowe-Premium, a Ron Howard-Premium and a few Anime-Premiums~

  • milan

    Cannot wait for a rambo premium with bonus in the form of cliffhanger! U have harlin, goldsmiths amazing music and tons of sly! It has written fun all over it!

  • Son Of Quigley

    I don’t care much for this Marvel bullshit but I really enjoyed this Premium, guys.

  • bubz

    The only movie I really care for out of these is The Avengers, but this was enjoyable. Jay reading stuff off the internet in The Avengers discussion was great. So was hearing Sean sniggering away in the background.