The Fugitive Reboot in the Works


We all love to hate remakes but let’s face it: they do occasionally turn out to be better than the original film. This is especially true when the original is not already a masterpiece in its own right. Of course, if the original is unknown or unloved, then a remake won’t necessarily sell tickets based on the name alone… which is why we do see great films being remade, even when there is a strong chance that the new version will be inferior. This week we have learned that Warner Brothers is setting up a new version of a movie that was already a huge critical and commercial success back in 1993: Andrew Davis’ The Fugitive. Can they hope to improve on such a highly praised blockbuster? Somehow I have my doubts.

According to Deadline, Warner Brothers has hired Christina Hodson (Shut In) to pen the script for a new version of The Fugitive, which they are hoping to put in production sometime next year. The original film starred Harrison Ford as Dr. Richard Kimble, a surgeon wrongly accused of killing his wife, and Tommy Lee Jones as the U.S. Marshal pursuing him, Samuel Gerard. It was based on the ’60s TV series of the same name created by Roy Huggins and starring David Janssen.

What is somewhat unclear is whether or not this new film could be some sort of continuation of the original 1993 film with Harrison Ford and Tommy Lee Jones reprising their roles. Jones already reprised his role once for the pseudo-sequel U.S. Marshals back in 1998 and we all know that Harrison Ford has been returning to a lot of his previous roles lately. I don’t really see how that could work, but I am sure Warner Brothers will be looking to turn this into a new franchise if possible. Do you have any interest in a new version of The Fugitive or is this a terrible idea?

  • 1138sw

    I hate to say it and I love Jones and Ford but aren’t they getting a little long in the tooth to reprising roles over 20 years old?

    Plus isn’t this a reboot reboot since the 1993 movie was just a reboot of the television series?

  • Lori Cerny

    I don’t see how a new film can be a continuation unless Doc Kimble is accused of another crime? Seems an odd choice to reboot, but I definitely want to hear more about this project.

    AND, now I have a penchant to rewatch the movie. Thanks, Sean.

  • Lori Cerny

    Is the ’93 movie a reboot or an adaptation?