Film Junk Podcast Episode #514: Maggie


0:00 – Intro
06:22 – Review: Maggie
35:33 – Headlines: Suicide Squad Cast Photo
43:16 – Other Stuff We Watched: Unfriended, Young Einstein, Collateral Damage, Goodfellas, Babe, The Tenant
1:23:08 – Junk Mail: Critical Disparity Between Werner Herzog’s Fiction and Non-Fiction, Is Werner Herzog Pretentious?, Why Do So Many Good Movies Only Get a Limited Release?, Criteria For A Day One Blu-ray Purchase, Happy Birthday Mikey
1:48:27 – This Week on DVD and Blu-ray

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  • MisterQuigley

    This is in theaters now?! Huge WTF. Zero advertising in L.A. Arnold, take my money, always…

  • kyri


  • Flo Lieb

    I personally quite enjoyed Maggie, it is my favorite film this year so far, a very subtle movie with an impressive – because subdued – performance by Arnold.

  • Colin

    I gotta agree with Frank on this one… if there’s no cure (and more importantly, no expected cure), then there’s no benefit to quarantine over simply euthanizing the infected as they are discovered.

    Sometimes you have to think like a robot to protect humanity from itself.

  • Tommy

    If Maggie is anyone’s favorite movie of the year, they ain’t seen Jupiter Ascending!

  • Justin H

    I assume the quarantine is to keep thousands of rotting, infected corpses from laying around everywhere after they are killed or to keep track and study them.

  • schizopolis

    Fuckin Frank and the Mad Max premium. Constant nitpicking. Total kill joy. Needs expositional dialogue to know if old lady May is a relative? wtf lol Instead of good editing, he’d rather see the rape and family get run over?? cocksucker lol

    And his trilogy cred nonsense. Thunderdome, I understand. But the first two films lacking cred? Get this guy outta here!! Frankie, you’re the guy on the grass running away with no pants with red abrasions around the butt crack! You turkey! Great premium though.

    P.S. I never noticed the red marks on the guy until I saw this in HD…eeek! But again, Frank would rather see the actual rape.

  • Flo Lieb

    I haven’t yet :-)

  • Flo Lieb

    There’s no cure for AIDS either. Line ‘em up…

  • Sam

    In Sean’s defense on all his “5/5s” on Letterboxd for old movies, those were all given when Sean had his embarrassing conversion scale where he omitted certain ratings. So a lot of those 5/5s could have been mere 4.5/5s if rated properly.

  • Colin

    AIDS doesn’t – in and of itself – cause the host to go crazy and attempt to kill or spread the infection to others. Zombification does… and again, this is all dependent on the assumption that there is no expected cure seeing as the hosts themselves are (living) dead flesh.

  • Kasper

    Sean is definitely suffering from a classic case of Classionella.

  • Lior

    Why is it so bad to think highly of great old movies? They have proven themselves as influential and important and in many cases quite enjoyable. Not every classic is “heavy” or “work”. That Sean’s 5-star list that was read on air during that loooong tangent is quite a humdinger of a list, and I appreciate Sean very much for going back in time and watching those films and talking about them on the show. Yes, Hitchcock made many great movies. That’s why he’s Hitchcock. So what?

    It’s okay to watch a well-regarded film by an important director such as Polanski and not get it. Also, I’m not sure about The Tenant’s status as a classic. I believe it’s considered to be a more minor Polanski film, certainly the least famous out of Rosemary’s Baby and Repulsion. I haven’t seen The Tenant myself (I think), but I’m pretty sure you’ll like Repulsion better, Sean. And anyway, Roman Polanski is not above misfires. Anybody here seen Pirates?

  • Frank made some excellent points when it comes to smaller movies playing at theaters, and I think he should take a run at owning a movie theater someday. Here in Chicago we’re pretty lucky when it comes to indie stuff. Although it’s interesting to note that while we have plenty of great indie theaters like the Music Box and the Siskel, the AMC multiplex usually does a pretty good job of playing indie titles on some of the smaller screens.

  • Bandit Manatee

    Man, did someone decide this was the “slam Frank” episode? Give the guy a break. He was just nitpicking the plot because there wasn’t much else to talk about in the review.

    Great listen as always though.

  • Corey Watts

    Just for the record, Sean, I think the outro song is actually “Great Southern LAND” by Icehouse. I’d never heard it before hearing the podcast, so I looked it up. “No Promises” is also a good song by them. Excellent episode of the Junkcast by the way! Cheers! :)

  • Flo Lieb

    It would probably be hard though ever finding a cure if you’d euthanize everyone who is infected. Also it’s debatable if the infected is “crazy” and wants to attempt to kill and spread the information. It’s a transgression into another state of being and as such following it’s needs. I don’t see a problem that a civilized society would not just shoot everyone who’s infected in the head but try to contain them, seeing that they can live out another two months of their live (and maybe even have the choice to drink that darn cocktail right away if they wish).

  • Samb

    I’m with Sean on the Herzog question. Herzog is undeniably pretentious, and it’s one of the best things about him. Only someone pretentious could claim such a wildly diverse arena of passionate interests, but that pretentiousness combined with his talent for storytelling and arrogance of belief that he should be the one to tell the story is the reason he’s brought so many different types of movies to the screen. Don’t be too down on pretentious people — they like to try new stuff and then tell you about it so you’ll try it too. Frank doesn’t have an ounce of pretentiousness, but he’s open-minded to having his horizons broadened.

  • Essie

    Is there something wrong with giving a film five stars without knowing “what happens in that movie” like Sean did with Le Samourai? Loving a film for everyone isn’t about plot, or memorizing esoteric lines that are halfway comedic, or knowing character names. Le Samourai, more than any film you listed, is a mood piece that is extremely singular, and a great deal of its charm comes simply from the sparse filmmaking. It makes me laugh, but I’ll never be able to understand why everyone has to enjoy everything the same way Frank does or else they are being fake or giving free passes.

  • Frankie Knuckles

    Yeah … that’s a typo on my part. Sorry Sean :(

  • devolutionary

    On the flipside, based on my conversations with our theatre manager & owner (recently restored co-op/independent one-screen theatre), there’s a lot of politics and supply/demand in play with digital content management of blockbuster screenings (ie: Age of Ultron, Furious 7, etc.). One thing that wasn’t an issue with the old film reel setup is no DRM implementations. Our theatre takes a beating everytime the big cross-region multiplex (30 min away) gets the big blockbusters. Sony, WB, etc. refuse to play the big movies at our location unless we guarantee an exclusive 2-3 week exclusive running of said movie. Based on our demographics that’s simply not financially feasible, so those movies come weeks late. By that time, people have already watched it at the multiplex or lost interest. The smaller independent or critical darlings only have limited promotion so those only generate good revenue in the first few days and quickly trail off.

  • devolutionary

    2001: A Space Odyssey is always my classic example. Without heavy over-analysis of Kubrick or possibly an overarching knowledge of the Arthur C. Clarke books (which I’ve done), it’s pretty difficult to grasp every finer detail in that story but I have no problems 5-ing it!

  • Corey Watts

    No worries, Frank! I loved the choice regardless of the title. :)

  • Derek

    So glad Jaynliked Unfriended. It was one of the best experiences I have had in a theater in a long time, though I doubt it would hold up on a re watch and I am sure it will become dated very quickly as the programs used update and change. Glad I saw it on a big screen with a great sound system though.

  • Xidor

    Blu Ray Pricing – I have all the blu rays that I’m interested in on an Amazon Wish List. I check the list every day and it tells you how much the price has gone down from the day you added that movie. I have over 100 movies that I’m tracking and if a movie drops below $5.00, I definitely the trigger.

  • Bob

    Slipknot, what a great group of artists currently at their creative peak. Their latest album? Both awesome and amazing.

    Way Jay still unaware of Tony Jaa’s part in Furious 7? He rode Paul Walker down the stairs with the door.

    I haven’t gotten to the Mad Max premium, so I’m not sure if the guys are paying attention to the reviews Fury Road has been receiving or if they’re staying away, but I predict…

    It’s going to get all 5’s and at least one is going to give it a heavy 6/5.

  • The short answer, as usual, is that Frank is wrong.Booking a film is a very complicated and very political process. Exhibitors have to figure out a balance that best serves their customer base, while also keeping every studio happy. Because if you don’t keep a studio happy, they won’t give you their movie, or they’ll give you terms that make booking their film financially nonviable.

  • Tahir Abbas

    Good adult and child post apocalypse movie (but not zombie)…
    ‘The Road’ starring Viggo Mortensen.

    Some surprising cameos in this too.

    And here’s the thing about this film – you are never told what exactly the
    apocalyptic event was – genius imo – It’s about their relationship.

    Worth a watch guys.

  • Matt the Kiwi

    The Young Einstein soundtrack was my introduction to Icehouse (all those many many years ago) and I’ve loved them ever since. You should grab their greatest hits album and Man of Colours…both brilliant. A bit triva for ya – Iva Davies (the lead singer) went on to do a couple of movies scores including Master and Commander.

  • I’m right there with you my friend. It also makes what I’ll be getting next a nice mixed basket surprise, with those weird price drops.

  • In regards to Sean’s classic 5 stars… Of course they’re stacked on the high end! He’s watching the films from 50-60 years ago that were good enough to still be talked about. He watches every current new release, not just critically acclaimed, so his modern ratings are much more varied.