Game Junk Podcast Episode #24: LOST ORBIT


0:00 – Intro
3:23 – Headlines: Guitar Hero Live and Rock Band 4 Announced, The Legend of Zelda Wii-U Delayed + Nintendo Goes Mobile, Valve Kills Paid Steam Mods
58:18 – Interview: LOST ORBIT
1:55:59 – Review: Ori and The Blind Forest
2:15:48 – Mini-Review: The Order 1886
1:01:52 – Other Stuff We Played: Hotline Miami 2, Jackbox Collection, Dragon Age Inquisition, Hyrule Warriors, Brothers, DmC, Mortal Kombat X, Shovel Knight, Bloodborne, Drive Club, Dying Light, Evolve, Olli Olli 2, Counterspy, Walking Dead 2, Suikoden III, Final Fantasy Type-0, Minecraft, Skylanders Swap Force, Axiom Verge, The Talos Principle, Mario Kart
3:05:10 – Upcoming Releases
3:07:01 – Outro

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  • Justin H

    Awesome. Excited to hear what is said about Bloodborne. I no-lifed it for a week or two, got a bit burnt out and am now going back for my last ending trophy to get platinum.

    Also, I feel like these Souls-like games are the closest things we’re getting to a 3D metroidvania in recent years.

  • Sam

    Alright Frank, let’s see it. Show us that best signature ever of yours.

  • pcch7

    I think I’d put Grim Fandango at the top, although I’ve only played a few Metroid games

  • pcch7

    What’s the outro song Sean? That shit sounds pretty sweet

  • kyri

    Really enjoyed the somewhat in-depth discussion about the creation of the game, the struggles.. etc.

  • Sean

    Frank did the editing for this episode but I’m guessing it’s from Lost Orbit?

  • Bandit Manatee

    This is the t-shirt I wear when I play games in the genre of Ori and the Blind Forest. It also attracts the ladies in bars.

  • Kasper

    These postmortems are great. I would love for you guys to do another episode on both of your newly released games once they’re a bit older, looking at how they did, the various trends in regards to sales, your struggles post-launch and what not. This is the sort of thing that you hardly ever hear anything about from devs big or small, but the way you’ve been really candid so far I’d love to hear more if you’re willing to share. I doubt I’m the only one, too.

  • pcch7

    Oi! Frankie Knuckles!

  • devolutionary

    Great having the boys from PixelNAUTS on the podcast. Always nice to see the insider’s view on game development. I’m still curious if there’s a comprehensive list of all PC/video games featuring full frontal “dongage”! Breasts is a whole nother matter though.

  • Bandit Manatee

    I remember GTA the lost and the damned had full frontal male nudity. Probably a first for the HD era

  • MisterQuigley

    Very interesting and informative episode. Funny too. Those guys were great. Nice job, Frank and Sean and other dude.