Film Junk Podcast Episode #513: The Avengers: Age of Ultron


0:00 – Intro
9:00 – Review: The Avengers: Age of Ultron
1:23:40 – Headlines: New Photos from Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Josh Trank Exits Star Wars Spin-Off
1:38:45 – Other Stuff We Watched: Marvel’s Daredevil, Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, The Avengers, Paul Blart: Mall Cop, Ex Machina, Blackhat, Lenny, The Avengers (1998), Great White Club Fire YouTube Video
2:14:30 – Junk Mail: When Will the Comic Book Movie Bubble Burst?, Movie Novelizations, Unrelentingly Dark and Depressing Movies
2:31:55 – This Week on DVD and Blu-ray
2:39:00 – Outro
2:46:53 – Spoiler Discussion: The Avengers: Age of Ultron

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  • Bandit Manatee

    No suicide squad photo discussion? I look forward to hearing Frank and Seans thoughts and Jay’s feigned interest on the design of killer croc on the next episode.

  • Colin

    How in the hell do you spend an hour and fifteen minutes talking about a comic book movie? You used to spend less time on entire podcasts!

  • 1138sw

    Looking forward to hearing this conversation boys! Thanks!!!

  • Jr


  • iammattz

    Haven’t started yet, but seeing that 9min gap between the intro and review has given me some major mahogany.

  • Jr

    HULK STUFF: Regarding your Hulk discussion…the amount of control he has over himself is vague and unpredictable (it’s also varied in extreme amounts over the years). A good way to say it would be that he devolves to a childlike state where he is controlled entirely by his emotions. In the comics, this led to a group of super-guys getting together and tricking him and sending him into space because there was no way to control him.

  • devolutionary

    I assume Lost Orbit will be perfect day-one with absolutely no bugs whatsoever ;) …having said that, the best way to combat the ambivalence towards Day One patches is to not pre-order or buy the game Day One until those are ironed out. Studios will listen if their majority audience demands it. Sadly, this is seldom the case.

  • Thurston
  • Sam

    Film Junk is one of my 6/5 podcasts

  • Samb

    Dustin Hoffman has one of my favorite lines in movie history in “Lenny” — he’s going down on his girlfriend and (IIRC…it’s been 20+ years) the camera is positioned behind her head. Suddenly his head pops up and, with a big smile on his face, he says “Hey, I’d like you to meet my mother!”

  • Steve

    The Station Night Club fire video is absolutely horrific. #ThingsYouCantUnsee

  • Anthony

    “I think Man of Steel is better than Age of Ultron”

    Ooooooh, them fighting words.

  • Essie

    Frank’s illy used line was an instant classic.

  • Kenneth Serenyi

    Talking about movie novelizations, the novelization for the original Star Wars actually came out the year before the movie came out (talk about spoilers). The book sales influenced how well everyone thought the movie would do and is one of the reasons Lucas tried to force all of his novelized screenplay back into the special edition release (ie Jabba the Hut) even if it no longer made sense. Some of the mythology set up in the book, such as with the Sith, was changed later in the movies and that messed with my memories growing up.

  • Love the RDJ impression at the end, the asparagus line was funnier than anything in the movie.

  • Bandit Manatee

    I remember the prequel trilogy novelizations would all come out several months before the movies came out. I would hungrily devour each with zero regret. I didn’t care about spoilers back in middle school and since we knew the basic plot of the prequel trilogy already I had zero regrets about spoiling myself.

    They actually fill in a lot of gaps and character motivations that are not there in the films especially Revenge of the Sith which actually does a better job explaining Anakin’s motivation for going to the dark side then the film.

  • Deven Science

    My ONLY 6/5 podcast.

  • Hulk… BLAZE!


  • Sam

    I do have another 6/5 but it’s quite a distance behind Film Junk for me and that’s the Giant Bombcast.

    Fun little trivia, There is a very loose correlation between Film Junk and the Giant Bombcast. There was a George Brett shitting his pants clip that was played on Ball Junk a while back, which the clip was apparently leaked online by Dan Ryckert of the Giant Bombcast, to which he feared possible legal ramifications for months after it happened.

  • pcch7

    DAX, nice! Frank, you should just tell that lady how it is.

    In terms of the Hawkey and his family thing, I never thought that he would die, I just thought it was a way to take him out of the team for the next Avengers..

  • DrewNugent

    Jay I literally went straight to YouTube and watched the Great White video right after you mentioned it…

  • Adam

    Speaking of bubbles bursting, 3D will have its day. It’s cycled in and out of cinema since the 30s.

  • pcch7

    Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow
    Red Planet
    The Postman
    Cutthroat Island
    The Adventures of Pluto Nash (Frank woul probably love this one)
    The 13th Warrior
    The Lone Ranger
    Speed Racer
    Hard Rain

    Some box office bombs / flops that I can think of. 4-5 of these could make a decent premium for sure.

  • Jr

    Thank you sir.

  • Bandit Manatee

    nice list but if they do a box office bomb they have to throw in some comedy/drama bombs in there like Gigli

  • Jameson

    I’m not sure the comic book movie bubble will burst so much as deflate a bit. Before the Marvel movie trend began in the 2000s, there were Batman and Superman movies that were not connected or released simultaneously. I could see it going back to that as opposed to 5 movies being released a year.

  • pcch7

    I assume The Adventures of Pluto Nash, starring Eddie Murphy, is a comedy. As for drama.. hmmm.. Hugo and Alexander could qualify perhaps?

  • Deven Science

    I really, REALLY like Soldier. I’m also a fan of Sky Captain, though it took a second viewing for me to fully get it.

  • pcch7

    I’m a big fan of Sky Captain. Loved Jude Law in it but it’s been a while since I saw it now. Out of these ones, I’d pick Sky Captain, Soldier, Cutthroat Island, Hard Rain and one of Red Planet or Supernova for a premium I think. Love Hugo and Speed Racer but they’ve already been discussed so..

  • Colin

    This 6/5 thing is going to set the world on fire… love it.

  • Strybeck

    I think 3 times a year each would be a little more fun. Less likely they’ll all be saved until awards season. Also will guest be allowed to use it?

  • devolutionary

    I think fair is fair. Any 5 out of 5 which gets you “hard” like Frank’s prior “HAAAAAARD FIVE!!!” should warrant a 6. Instead of a blutiful 5 star stamp, it should be reported in a colour Frank would approve.

  • devolutionary

    Heaven’s Gate is the only infamous box-office bomb I can think of. Another really underrated title was The Cotton Club. It’s the first movie where everyone started jumping off the Francis Ford Coppola bandwagon but it feels like the musical jazzclub version of Casino.

  • Kasper

    I think two times is the sweet spot. Any more and it would be less exclusive, and you wouldn’t have to worry as much about using them. This way they don’t have to keep them sacred for almost the entirety of the year, but they don’t have enough to squander them either.

  • Kasper

    I really like Red Planet. One of the last films with a relatively good looking Val Kilmer.

  • Kasper

    Never be rude to the people who handle your food. For your own good…

  • Kenneth Serenyi

    The audiobook for Revenge of the Sith was really good – which included music and sound-effects as well.

  • Thurston

    Oh I’m in baby…Way in. Jay was on fire for this episode. For my money his articulation of his perspective on this Avengers 2 business was hands down stellar. I would give his review a 6/5. Wow that just feels great to say. Game changer.

  • Thurston

    I just gotta say to the sister and brother combo that work the drive-thru at Tim Hortons. Never disrespect Frank again. He ain’t just some everyday Joe Schmo off the streets. Don’t you realize that your dealing with the King of Comedy? Not to mention he is a movie studio exec with powers of prediction. Get off your high horse and some some respect next time buds.

  • MisterQuigley

    I loved how Dax unabashedly whipped out his 5-Banger in your guys faces, slapped you around a bit, and mentioned Gandhi randomly. Top 10 Film Junk moment.

  • pcch7

    I’m not.. I’m saying Frank should do this. You could just wait until you get your order and then give them what for and never go back to that place.

  • Gman

    Jay, you should definitely check out Unfriended. It’s pretty inventive and the film uses its premise to great effect. Horror-wise it’s not too scary so I think Frank would definitely appreciate it too. This was a lot of fun, I definitely enjoyed this more than Avengers 2

  • Bob

    I liked Avengers Quicksilver more than X-Men Quicksilver. The reasoning behind not utilizing Quicksilver more in DOFP still seems very awkward and contrived. Maybe this sounds weird, but I thought it was a nice touch in “Avengers” to show Quicksilver getting fatigued from overusing his power.

    “City of Life and Death” is
    an amazing 2009 movie dealing with really dark and depressing subject matter. It
    depicts the “Rape of Nanking” and will likely remind one of
    “Schindler’s List,” but I would say it’s an even stronger movie. I’m
    still scratching my head over why it didn’t get more international
    attention, but at least it’s available on Netflix for your viewing pleasure.

    I was able to see Rammstein for the first time on their most recent American tour and it was a truly awesome experience. There is no other band out there that puts on a show quite like those guys. I’m not sure if this has ever been mentioned on a previous episode, but now I’m really curious about what other hard rock or metal bands Frank listens to. After hearing him defend Marilyn Manson a couple times and even saying he kind of likes Limp Bizkit, I really want to know if Frank was ever a fan of Korn.

  • schizopolis

    Comic book films will eventually perform like westerns in the box office. Curious when will it happen. Mid 2020s?

  • Flo Lieb

    Maybe DOFP’s Quicksilver would have shown getting fatigued also if he would have run more in the film.

    Singer used the power of the character more for the narrative of his film. On short notice he was the guy who was able to help them the most in their plan to break Magneto out. Whedon on the other hand doesn’t really know what to do with both Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch. They don’t really do much to help the Avengers (except of course run in front of a bullet).

  • Flo Lieb

    He should have used his 6/5 on this.

  • The Gandhi reference was the best part. I love Dax.

  • Lior

    Since when is Hugo a box office “bomb”? I wasn’t even aware it lost money.
    I think the idea behind said podcast is to talk about the legendary box office bombs, films that lost money by the shitloads, failures that took down careers and even whole studios. Something on the magnitude of Ishtar or Heaven’s Gate, but I could be wrong.

  • Lior

    One From the Heart is an even more infamous Coppola Bomb, I think. It got him into serious debt.

  • pcch7

    It’s at #24 on a list of the biggest box office bombs.. Estimated losses of 57-77 million dollars. The international box office was ok but it only did 70 odd million in the states. Most of the movies above in on that list are utter shit and probably not worth discussing. I’m not sure how far back this list takes into consideration as I’m not seeing a ton of movies from before the 90s..