Spectre Teaser Trailer Starring Daniel Craig


Get your weekend off on the right foot with the mysterious first teaser trailer for the next James Bond film, right here and right now! It’s no secret that Spectre will re-introduce the criminal organization that has traditionally been headed up by Ernst Stavro Blofeld, but the context and circumstances surrounding that are still somewhat unknown. Now it appears that Bond may even have a personal connection to it. There isn’t a whole lot of action in this trailer (in fact, none at all) but we do get our first glimpse at Christoph Waltz in the film and what I assume is Bond’s new ride. Spectre hits theatres on Nov. 6th; check out the first teaser trailer after the jump and see if you can decipher any of the secrets it might hold.

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  • FDB

    Preeeeety sure this will be the best movie since Skyfall. Love Bond,

  • pcch7

    Looks awesome. I probably look forward to this more than Mad Max even. Love that cue at the end of the music, that James Bond twang. Always gets me in the mood to watch some Bond.

  • toby

    That’s Mr. White! Sean that’s Mr White! Casio Royale/Quantum tie-in!

  • ReelJunkie

    Looks so goddamn epic!

  • LordAwesome

    M:I-5 trailer was a better Bond trailer than this dull pos.

  • Jameson

    Already waiting in line for this.

  • 1138sw

    ummm is that Bond taking Q’s from Archer?? Gotta love the tactical turtleneck! The tactalneck!

    But I digress! The teaser is awesome and I look forward to Spectre and some more Bond! And hopefully a full trailer over the summer perhaps?

  • LordAwesome

    That’s a genuine Moore.

  • Pierce Borsnan

    I’m always interested in a new Bond, but I’m still kind of baffled by the critical praise “Skyfall” received. It has an undeniably classy style, but the plot is just as goofy as what you might find in a “Fast and Furious” entry.

    Silva’s master plan to assassinate M is among the most intricately retarded villain plots to come along recently and also relies on ostensibly skilled professionals doing really, really dumb things. For example, not showing how Silva took out two armed guards who weren’t even positioned near him after he escaped his cell is quite lazy (Q plugging Silva’s laptop into the network was also ridiculous).

    The “Home Alone” ending, as great-looking as it is, suffers from similar problems, like M and the Albert Finney character doing one of the most foolish things you could do while being chased in a dark nighttime environment.

  • I’m totally on board. I think this is all I need to see until the film comes out. I’m going to go ahead and skip the rest of the trailers.