Film Junk Podcast Episode #508: Black Sea


0:00 – Intro
6:30 – Review: Black Sea
27:00 – Headlines: Pixels Trailer, Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation Trailer
42:30 – Film Junk Re-Review: Real Steel
1:05:13 – Other Stuff We Watched: Housebound, Superstar, The Rover, Hercules, The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Bloodline, House of Cards: Season 3, The Drop, The Chair, Secretary, Transformers: The Movie + The Cybertronic Spree
1:40:20 – Score Bits
2:27:00 – Junk Mail: Watching Movies in Multiple Installments, Logging The Jinx on Letterboxd, Using Real Animals in Movies as Other Animals, Best Survival Thrillers
2:43:45 – This Week on DVD and Blu-ray
2:45:10 – Outro

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  • Sam

    My bet for the Pixels bet: I bet there will be a joke in the movie that vaguely resembles some nod to Grand Theft Auto and after some arguing over who won the bet, it will be decided that no money will exchange hands.

  • devolutionary

    Heh, so pretty much par for the course in terms of betting history? Wanna bet on that? Jay:”Let’s put down $10,000!”.

  • Sam

    Any money. I bet any money.

    Hah. I’m trying to remember if any money exchanged hands on the Knack bet. I remember that one also being questionable though, just like the Robocop and Birdman.

  • devolutionary

    I recall they pulled off the same mulligan and decided on a technicality that they could’nt determine if the Little Knack they commented on in the trailer was the absolute “littlest” sized Knack in the game. Frank: “I advise you as your lawyer…NOT to comment on this.”

  • Sean

    If I remember correctly, I won the Robocop bet and Frank won the Knack bet so they cancelled each other out.

  • Colin

    I love how Jay turned my junk mail – which was supposed to hold his feet to the fire – around into yet another attack on Frank’s viewing habits. He truly is an evil genius.

  • Essie

    Hey! Someone else likes the new Modest Mouse too? I’m guessing it is Sean. Thanks so much for the show as always, so enjoyable these days. Can’t wait for Andrew on the Fast cast!

  • Lori Cerny

    Frank, did you intentionally mispronouce Disqus?

    I don’t think it’s “Disc-ess”, but said like the word “discuss”… as in, let’s discuss this topic.

  • devolutionary

    We also need to start a Frankie Knuckles “Exception to the rule” Movie Trailer Watch count. Give him his due and only count every trailer he watches that wasn’t a force-feed for the podcast. We’ll keep our ears tuned for ya bud!

  • Sam

    I definitely feel for Sean in the Score Bits. I’m always impressed by how Jay and Frank can recognize and remember scores so easily, and even Dax seems to be pretty good too. There are definitely scores I like and enjoy them during movies but I would definitely struggle in a game of Score Bits outside of really iconic scores.

  • BatemanBegins

    Sean I would definitely stay away from the rest of House of Cards. The only value it has, which is quickly fleeting, is its utter none-sense trashiness, which could only really be enjoyed in a three day span.

  • Lori Cerny

    Re: Survival movies… here’s a couple:

    Stranded: I’ve Come from a Plane that Crashed on the Mountains (2007),
    The Snow Walker (2003),
    The Edge (1997),
    North Face (2008),
    but do not watch 1979’s Meteor (stinkarooni !!!)

  • Sean and Jay, it is so nice of you to plug our little show. And thanks, especially, for your kind words. Being compared in any way to Reed Farrington is the highest compliment that I can imagine.

    When Matt and I began High and Low(brow) about five years ago, he introduced me to your podcast and told me that your level of quality is the level to which we should aspire. I don’t think we’ve made it there yet, but it’s been lots of fun trying to catch up.

    All the best to Film Junk — Frank, Jay, Sean, and company. I haven’t missed an episode since I first tuned in, and I look forward to your new episodes every week.

  • pcch7

    Got the Adagio in D minor immediately, from Sunshine and Kick-Ass. Amazing music

  • Colin

    Jay, your TRU stories are the best and I’m dying to hear more.

  • Colin

    This reminds me… are we going to get access to the Film Junk spreadsheet? Now that I have my FJ500USB, I’d love to be able to tear these casts apart in the most organized manner possible.

  • Sean

    I posted the link in a comment thread a few weeks back but it should still be available here:

    If anyone has additional questions about how the spreadsheets are organized, Eloy has invited you to contact him here:

  • devolutionary

    I’ve gone back and re-read that contributer’s spreadsheet of Jay’s name misappropriations. Some of them are absolutely amazing.
    Vera Farmiga = Farmi Farmiglia
    Ed O’Neill = Ted Bundy
    Pa Kent = Uncle Birdie
    Kitchen Johnson = Taylor Kitsch
    Retard that plays the piano (Geoffrey Rush) – Geoffrey Wright
    Apocalypse Escape – Resident Evil
    Young Something = Yahoo Serious

  • Dstrbpx

    Hold on. The list of “Jay´s Bathroom Breaks” contains only one break per show, two at most?
    Did Jay post-edit this list?
    Most shows pre 2013 had a steady and stellar 2 if not 3 or in the best case 4-5 bathroom breaks per episode~
    This wonderful history has to be preserved and cherished!

  • Colin

    And Jay was the one who said “Aztec Hollywood” was the stupidest thing ever said… what a dum-dum.

  • devolutionary

    Jay did do some good backpedalling on the Robocop Premium with Miguel Ferrer = Abel Ferrara though.

  • The Unbearable Kimmy Sheeeeit

    Genuinely surprised to hear that Frank is into Kimmy Schmidt. Tried to binge it, could not take it after five episodes.

  • He’s gotten so good at sneaking off to take a piss while the other guys are talking, sometimes I barely notice it. Jay, have you thought about wearing a diaper while recording?

  • Sam

    Farmi Farmiglia is great!

    Some of my favorites:
    Mumbleford = Dumbledore
    Raising Rutherford = Finding Forrester
    Ricky Earl Johnson = Jackie Earl Haley
    Vicky Lorenz = Frankie Muniz
    Howard Downey Johnson = Robert Downey Jr.
    Patty Robinson = Robert Pattinson

    I started going back from the beginning and I believe his first ever name flub happened in one of the first three episodes. He was trying to recall “the kid from A Christmas Story” and called him something like “Billy Frederickson” (may be a bit off here) instead of Peter Billingsley.

    So many great names.

  • kent88

    Reed also has a few great ones:

    Gene Hackman = French Hackman
    Robert Altman = Robert Walnut
    Will Smith = Will Jefferson

  • Sam

    Haha, not exactly a name flub but calling Norman Jewison just “Norman” because he didn’t want to sound anti-Semitic was a great Reed moment.

  • devolutionary

    and his comment on Jaws…and Robert Shaw meets Roy Scheider = “Robert Schneider”.

  • Dstrbpx

    ..yeah, he just suddenly jumps into a conversation after 5-15 minutes of complete silence (not unusual nowadays) and you´re just left to guess if he took a bathroom break or was just bored with the show

  • Bob

    I was a little confused by the Metroid/Samus anime influence discussion. It’s all Japanese art, right? Was Sean saying some Samus designs look like stereotypical Japanese animation and others just fit into a more general sci-fi art style? If Jay thinks that particular design screams shitty anime, I think his reaction to all designs of the suit would be the same.

    I know recommendations are not wanted, but since Justin Lin directed four of the “Fast and Furious” films, I just want to throw out that it might be interesting to check out his early film “Better Luck Tomorrow,” about a group of Asian high school kids who use their model minority image as a cover to do bad shit. It garnered acclaim and essentially jump-started his Hollywood career but is also quite different than anything he’s made subsequently. Oh yeah, and MC Hammer helped produce it.

  • Sean

    I was thinking of the Metroid: Other M specifically and the Zero Suit, which is basically just spandex I suppose. Someone put out a Metroid bust with Samus wearing that suit a few years back and I didn’t like the look of it at all. But the conversation also kind of implied that I hate the look of all anime which isn’t necessarily the case. I generally like the look of mech-type stuff, which is what the Metroid Prime suit looks like to me.

  • traynor

    My first crack at making “Art.”

  • Colin

    You misspelled “fart”

  • Fideliolioli

    You know – if you guys are so bored with doing this – then just stop. Really. Your podcasts are becoming nearly unlistenable. There’s no real discussion of the films you choose to talk about. Every show you all seem like you’d rather be doing something else – you basically say “meh” – and then giggle at the fact that none of you have anything to say – inbetween sniping at each other. I mean – could you put ANY effort into the shows? Anything?

  • Sean

    I don’t think our reviews are any different now than they used to be. It just so happens that not every movie generates a ton of discussion and the first few months of the year are always somewhat lacking in that department. We’ve never claimed to offer the most in-depth reviews anyway so if you’re looking for that, check out the plethora of other movie podcasts out there including Row Three Cinecast, Filmspotting or the /Filmcast.

  • LH77

    I have to defend Frank and Sean here.
    I think both are still highly motivated and put lots of work into the podcast. They even have to work extra hard to make up for Jay´s blatant(and growing)disinterest, so I´m giving these guys a lot of credit. Awesome job!

  • Blood_In_Stool

    Go blow a horse’s cock you idiot!!!

  • Blood_In_Stool

    Hey Guys, as I was listening to the USB of all your episodes like ever….. Can you bring back listener’s calling in????? I want to talk to FRANK, PLEASE!!!! It’ll be my dying wish as a boy!!!!!

  • Kasper

    Yup, I also had a really hard time really recognizing anything. Scores aren’t my strong side at all. That aside I always enjoy it when there’s trivia contests on the show. I hope Dax will soon return with some new quiz.

  • Lori Cerny

    I don’t see the Film Junk crew sniping at each other, but engaging in good-natured teasing. They are all adults and able to defend themselves with good humor and intelligent dialogue. Everyone has idiosyncratic traits and pointing them out is part of human nature as much as people-watching.

    There are genuinely distasteful, hateful podcasts – who shall remain nameless – in the webverse and also podcasts so devoid of personality that it’s like listening to Siri. If FJ isn’t for you, keep browsing and you’ll find your niche.

  • Fideliolioli kill yourself

    You know – if you are so bored with listening to this – then just stop. Really. Your post is nearly unreadable. There’s no real discussion of the topics Filmjunk chose to talk about. You seem like you’d rather be doing something else – you basically say “meh” – and then giggle at the fact that you didn’t have anything real to contribute. I mean – could you put ANY effort into your post? Anything?

  • Jay Cheel

    “Also, Jay…can you confirm the way that you say ‘vodka’ is inspired by Mike from American Movie?”

    I can confirm this.

  • D0M

    Harmony Korine recently did a short for Vice on a kid who spent two years living in the backwaters of Alabama…

  • “Your podcasts are becoming nearly unlistenable.”

    Then stop listening ¯_(?)_/¯

  • Jr

    These guys spend hours every week recording and editing a 1 to 2 hour podcast. They put out a premium every month. They just spent lord knows how many hours manually adding files to custom USB sticks. This doesn’t sound like disinterest to me. There’s also now way they are making a ton of money off of this. At the same time, Jay is working on a new film, Sean has two kids and Frank has games to play. You should feel privileged to hear their voices every week.

    *For the record, I don’t think you should kill yourself or suck horse cock. Maybe I like to hope that there are some place on the internet that are more mature than 4chan. I do agree that your complaints are pretty lame though.

  • jarny

    loved the score bits segment