HBO Officially Announces Standalone Streaming Service HBO Now


Following up on last week’s rumours, HBO has officially unveiled plans for the long-awaited standalone version of their HBO Go streaming service (ie. one that does not require a cable subscription). The announcement was made as part of an Apple event today, which means (you guessed it) the service will be exclusive to Apple devices, at least initially. The service is called HBO Now and it will launch just in time to coincide with the premiere of the new season of Game of Thrones. Hit the jump for more details.

Earlier today, HBO CEO Richard Plepler announced that HBO Now would be launching in April at a price point of $14.99 per month. The only streaming device to carry the service at launch will be the Apple TV, although there will also be apps for the iPhone and iPad and also a web option. It is believed that Apple’s exclusivity period will last three months, at which point the service will expand to other set top boxes and similar devices.

Apple also announced that the Apple TV is getting a price cut and that effective immediately it will cost $69 (down from $99). To sweeten the deal, if you sign up for HBO Now via an Apple device during April, you will get the first month for free. For the time being, it looks like HBO Now is only available in the U.S. This could definitely be a pretty huge boost for Apple TV, but will it satisfy cord-cutters and HBO fans? Will you be subscribing to HBO Now?

  • Fritz Lang

    Apples still trying to force U2 on us

  • Jonny Ashley

    so I can’t get this with a pc?

  • John Abides

    Yeah, I wonder. Set top boxes sounds rather limited, but they could make a Windows 8 or 10 app a la Netflix and get PC’s on board that way. The same for XBone and PS4. Guess I’ll have the next couple months to think about it anyway (since I don’t have anything Apple).

  • Sean

    I believe they have confirmed that you can stream via their website with a PC as well.

  • Tuneup McCain

    Interesting. I wonder if it’ll be something like Netflix or YouTube, can’t put my finger on how I imagine the layout.

  • Anonymous_Alt+F4

    Well good luck HBO with Apple. Any real tech savvy person can tell you apple sucks