Film Junk Custom USB Drives on Sale This Friday!


As discussed on this week’s podcast, here are the full details on the long-awaited limited edition Film Junk 500 Episode 32 GB USB Drives. They will cost $30 USD (plus shipping) but if you feel they are worth more, you can contribute more. We are shipping worldwide, although the shipping costs for international buyers will be higher. The USB drives will be available via our Bandcamp page as of this Friday, Feb. 27th at Noon EST.

Here is a breakdown of what the USB drive will contain:

  • The first 500 episodes of the Film Junk Podcast
  • Several bonus episodes including the lost Christopher Nolan special
  • The entire run of Fishing with Tom
  • The entire run of Cantankerous
  • A previously unreleased episode of Cantankerous
  • Some original songs heard on the show

The drive will NOT contain any of the premium podcasts, although we may look at doing something similar for them in the future. This is just an easy way for people to get a hold of the back episodes which are not currently available online and for long-time fans to have a cool collectible item with all of our content in one place. We expect the first run will probably sell out fast, but we will be looking at a second run as soon as we get the first batch copied and mailed out. If you have any additional questions, let us know!

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  • Henrik

    This question will hopefully be adressed on the next show!

  • InconsiderateDouche

    Sean, what format will the episodes be in? Flac/MP3?????

  • Sean

    Just the usual 64 kbps MP3. That’s the only version we have stored for most of these episodes.

  • ABandini

    For fuck’s sake, I missed it :(

    I’ll pay $50 if you “lose” someone’s shipment and return their money. wink wink

  • Haha pcch7 loves being the cat that got the cream. C u next Tuesday.

  • pcch7

    Haha, yeah I usually have the shittiest of luck so =D

    Funny thing is, I don’t even need it because I have stored everything these guys have put out =)

  • flatknees

    gutted – please get more of these badboys for sale

  • pcch7

    Oh man, I’m gonna enjoy my limited Filmjunk usb drive when I get it. All these people missing out and I was one of the first who got in ahaha. More give me MORE!! It’s nothing personal of course.

  • Don’t forget that you’re also getting the lost episode of Cantankerous! Worth the $30 price tag alone. :) I’ll have to be quicker the next time they make these available.

  • theGOAT


  • pcch7


  • Jason B

    Sean, to honor’s Frank’s thirst for exclusivity, are these numbered and coming with a certificate of authenticity? Please.

  • Jaja, definitivamente “siempre hay un roto para un descosido”. Estoy de acuerdo con tu “Dad’s mentality”, aunque es evidente que en el caso de las mujeres (o mamás) los condimentos son más exacerbados

  • Thanks Lori,
    Earth to Sean, then (pun intended).

  • Philip James Harvey

    im a dumb fuck and missed out….

  • Kurt

    Oh yes I can! —- Hand Delivered, Bitches —-

  • pcch7
  • oh1

    Delivered to the UK a couple of days ago. Thanks. That’s the next few months of my life sorted.

  • Jess Lanzillo

    Most bummed that I missed out on these! Here’s to hoping there’s a “repress” sometime soon.

  • devolutionary

    I wouldn’t worry. Sean said there would be at some point. Maybe even a new USB design for round two?