The Boardroom Podcast: Infinity Vortex Episode #7


The penultimate episode of this somewhat condensed season of Celebrity Apprentice kicks off with a clip show of previous Celebrity Apprentice highlights before cutting to the chase with another sudden (although not entirely unexpected) firing. One last assignment from Trump takes the finalists to Universal Orlando for a major showdown that we all saw coming a mile away.

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  • devolutionary

    Does Trump ever use positive adjectives other than “Great”, “Fantastic”, or “Amaaaaa-zing”? Adding “just” beforehand doesn’t count either. I especially love his false modesty interrupting the cast when he doesn’t like a given answer. Johnny and Brandy were borderline useless for Leeza (Kevin more than proved his worth), and if Geraldo had his way, he’d clone himself multiple times to complete the final task.
    A Celebrity Death Match between Meat Loaf and Gary Busey would’ve been “tremendous”!

  • FDB

    I was really surprised that Lou Ferrigno’s firing wasn’t included in the top five best fires.

    Also, they did a Universal Theme Park task in the all stars season, when Dee Snider decided to make their attraction a collection of cardboard cutouts of themselves.

  • pcch7

    Beautiful. Like when he says, “isn’t she beautiful?” followed by “doesn’t she look great”

  • Brittany Gresang

    My favorite part this week was Johnny and Brandi not caring about the show at all anymore and just enjoying the amusement park instead. Aren’t they just terrific everybody?