The Boardroom Podcast: Infinity Vortex Episode 6


Finally an episode worth talking about! Team Infinity rises the occasion as the teams struggle to understand what a photobomb campaign is. Meanwhile Phonegate causes serious controversy in the boardroom as Kenya and Vivica butt heads, then teams are asked to create jingles for Bud Light Lime-a-Rita. Nice. Over Ice.

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  • ECONOMYpolitica

    That chick is obsessed with her butt. I don’t think it’s that great.

  • ProjectGenesis

    Go-Go-Go Margarita is no 7-Up Retro Keeping it real

  • Kasper

    What an episode. Just classic Celebrity Apprentice right there. I think it was a good idea cutting the season down, so it’s more condensed and just the best of the best. Cut off the fat, leave only the juicy bits.

    I hope we’re getting a new season soon. Gotta ride that success!

  • pcch7

    Awesome episode. Even though she added to the show, it was so good to see Kenya go. Get that asymmetrical sagging ass out of here. Ultimately, it was the right decision. She had to go.

    Also, even though I love Ian on the show it was so much fun to see Trump just steamroll over him. That pig-eyed sack of shit haha. Obviously Trump knew he was gonna fire the whole team so he was just looking for any excuse that he could use. Getting fired for a song they didn’t even use, lol. I was actually laughing out loud when Trump went “am I going crazy here” and “am I missing something here” when Ian was trying to defend himself. In the end though, he had no choice. It was a good call.

  • pcch7

    Love Frank’s idea for the Trump kid toy.

  • FDB

    Guys, I think you’re a little confused. Photobombing is when you copy and paste a bag of bread into someone’s hands. These guys had it nailed.

  • FDB

    A couple thoughts:

    I couldn’t agree more with Sean, Leeza has coasted like crazy on this season, and she’s gonna win. It makes no sense.

    How was the notion of a passcode never brought up? Every-fucking-body has a passcode on their phone, how would Kenya have gotten in there? It’s such a setup. Also, it was Kenya that brought up the tweet, so if Vizica tweeted it herself to set up Kenya, that was the most convenient playing out of events ever.

  • pcch7

    When you turn the phone on, yes, but most people probably don’t have a screen lock or anything once the phone is turned on. You don’t walk around with your phone turned off do you? All you have to do is swipe and then use whatever app is on the phone.

  • FDB

    I have like the 4 digit code on my iphone, and galaxy has the 9 point pattern or whatever. She’s probably still got Big Willie’s number in her phone from the Independence Day years, you gotta keep a passcode on that.

  • pcch7

    I have a finger print lock screen on my galaxy s5 ????, last phone was stolen so no bastard is gonna get any joy from this one. She’s old though, they can’t handle technology.

  • pcch7

    Meant to say “joy” of course but whatever.

  • Brittany Gresang

    My favorite part this week was Ian acting like a child with his obsession with La Cucaracha. From the musicians looking at him like he was an idiot to Trump calling him out and him spontaneously saying, “I never said it was better.”

  • pcch7

    Yeah. That was some impressive backpedalling he attempted. Can’t out think Trump though and even though it’s never easy, ultimately, he made a good call.