The Boardroom Podcast: Infinity Vortex Episode 5


Captain Sig gets a shot at being project manager on a manly task while Kenya performs her hit song for a captive audience. Then Ian continues to demonstrate that creativity is in his wheelhouse and Kenya and Vivica square off. Trump really didn’t have a choice on this latest episode of Celebrity Apprentice.

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  • DestinationThreshold

    Frank.. Kenya is growing on you? … Jesus Christ.

  • FDB

    Really, I know it’s just TV but she is just terrible. Omarosa was at least mildly entertaining, Kenya is just mean and awful.

  • scab

    Guys: are you a couple of episodes behind?

    As someone following along from the UK, I’m a bit confused.

  • Sean

    We’re behind an episode. The show airs on Monday nights, which is the same night we record Film Junk usually. So we don’t get to talk about that week’s episode until the following Monday.

  • pcch7

    I’m so glad Frank pointed out the yes saying of Trump’s kids. Always with the “it was the right decision” and what not, and Trump sits there nodding his head all vindicated. It’s awesome. Shame about Sig, but I didn’t think he’d make it this far so he’s had a pretty good run.

  • Brittany Gresang

    I can’t believe you didn’t mention my favorite part.

    When Geraldo greeted the help for the boat with his pants unbuttoned. He just went to shake hands without giving it a thought. Imagine meeting Geraldo like that?

  • devolutionary

    She grows all right, like a cyst.

    Just wait until episode 6. Although evidence pending, she really tips the scales with her deception of Vivica Fox there. Now that’s what I call a hostile takeover. #Phonegate

  • FDB

    My favorite element of their dynamic is how they always turn and look at him for approval after they say anything. Ivanka does it too but not as much.

  • scoobydelite

    Seems like it would be a travesty if Geraldo won since he was on the team which lost 5 weeks in a row and about 90% of his ideas are BRUTAL. Leeza deserves to win up to this point IMO.