Film Junk Podcast Episode #501: A Most Violent Year


0:00 – Intro
8:50 – Review: A Most Violent Year
28:25 – Headlines: Female Ghostbusters Cast Announced, Chris Pratt Rumoured for Indiana Jones Reboot, Fantastic Four Teaser Trailer, Super Bowl Trailers
49:55 – Other Stuff We Watched: Gooby, Left Behind, Blackhat, Groundhog Day, Snow Day, Rocky, The Cruise, Mortdecai, Whiplash, Ida, Ali: Fear Eats the Soul, Run Silent Run Deep, Spies, The Package, Citizenfour
1:39:30 – Junk Mail: Will Sean Fully Commit to Five Star Ratings?, Trailers That Are Better Than the Movie, Woody Allen’s Amazon TV Show, Amazon Movie Reviews Quiz
1:56:50 – This Week on DVD and Blu-ray
1:58:05 – Outro

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  • Colin

    Custom. Flash. Drives.

    You may even want to limit them to 500, with the numbers etched into the drives.

    It’s all about dat exclusivity, baby…

  • Samb

    I think I agree with Frank about Chris Pratt as Indy — he’s too fresh-faced. You need somebody whose humor grows out of his gravitas. He’d never get it, but Tim Olyphant would be a great Indy IMO.

  • Matt

    Agreed. I got where Frank was coming from when he said Harrison Ford wasn’t that comedic. Yeah, the Indy movies (Last Crusade especially) have a lot of comedic moments, but it’s not from Harrison Ford cracking jokes, it’s more from us laughing at a grumpy guy getting himself into crazy situations. Sure he has a few one liners but for the most part, he’s begrudgingly going on an adventure.

    Chris Pratt was Indy-ish in Guardians but he didn’t have Ford’s seriousness. Pratt is eager and “fresh-faced.” He’s like an excited puppy. He’ll be a great hero in an globe-trotting adventure story but I need to see him in Jurassic World before figuring how he’ll do as Indiana Jones. He looks like more of a serious, Indy-type dude in Jurassic World.

  • Matt

    A collectible customized Fim Junk drive would be cool, but ultimately I just want the podcasts. For some exclusivity, how about a bonus premium cast only available with purchase of the drive?

    Keep costs down and make ‘em available as quick as possible.

    (As a bonus, they could toss in the full run of Cantankerous)

  • LordAwesome

    Jay and Frank’s biggest complaint about A Most Violent Year is that it is a movie that just riffs off other movies from another period… and yet they circle jerk Tarantino at any chance.. Hello!

    This USB drive business is shit IMHO. OK, do it for superfans who want the swag if you what. That’s fine. But people have been asking you for YEARS for the back catalog and this is how you do it? People just want an easy, instantly accessible way to download the episodes. How hard is it to just put up a torrent? Christ on a bike. I already have several usb sticks. I don’t need/want another one. This is just cumbersome, especially for international listeners, who I wager make up a significant amount of your audience.

  • Logged in just to boooooooo this post. I think that should stress how much I dislike it.

  • Lori Cerny

    Why not give the listeners the option of custom drive vs regular?Those who can afford (of course, we all WANT it), can purchase the etched drives.

    And people like me… i.e., poor, will buy the regular drives.

  • Lori Cerny

    Oh, this may be an incredibly stupid question, but can the podcasts be made available to purchase at Amazon?

    It’s already a large, secure, and rather stable retailer with a cloud service. Just tossin’ spitballs.

  • devolutionary

    Throw in the Fishing with Tom episodes to boot. The episode where Tom meets Reed is priceless.

  • bobsponge42

    I don’t like this post, but do have a (somewhat) related question: Once the guys release the USB stick, would they have an issue with people offering everything on it via a torrent? Sean, thoughts?

  • CampbelldropoutI

    Just want dem episodes on a flash drive but if you can customize by having it with different versions of the word Terry on it, I may bite on paying more.

  • Sean

    Yeah, it’s sort of a stop gap solution. We’re still looking at ways to make the entire back catalogue available through an app or something like that. Unfortunately it requires time, effort and an investment of money on our end.

    Torrents are fine but not convenient for everyone. Don’t forget, this is 32 GB worth of MP3s we’re talking about. I also don’t want to be the one hosting the torrent myself. I think we’re assuming other people will do this one their own eventually (see comment below).

  • Sean

    If you guys want to put up a torrent yourself, that’s fine. We’re kind of expecting that to happen eventually anyway.

  • Sean

    We’re selling some of the back episodes on Payloadz right now, which I assume is basically the same thing. The problem is that they only offer 10 GB of storage space for a free account. But I’ll take a look and see if Amazon might be more convenient.

  • Sean

    We could do that, but having more people buy the custom ones would drive the individual price down, which would be better for everyone. I don’t think the price difference between the two will be that big to be honest, it’s more a question of whether we should invest the money in getting a couple hundred custom drives produced or just buy plain jane ones as the orders come in.

  • Sean

    Cantankerous and Fishing with Tom episodes will be included along with several bonus episodes. Premium podcasts will not.

  • devolutionary

    It’s just so much fun seeing Frank taking a firm stance against trailers and then one-by-one digging himself deeper and deeper into a hole he can’t get out of. He basically hates trailers and avoids watching them except for a thousand exceptions. He certainly had plenty to contribute in the headlines.

  • Rainycat

    Sean, have you thought about bittorrent bundles ?
    Worked well for Thom Yorke :-)

  • Sean

    I had been meaning to look into this. Thanks for the reminder! This might be just what we need.

  • Brian_M

    Love hearing Jay’s take on the Ghostbusters reboot – you ask for it, you got it!

  • LordAwesome

    No, it’s more like people asked for a chicken sandwich and were served a shit sandwich.

  • Frankie Knuckles

    I thought we might discuss the trailers on trailer trash and they were being discussed on Howard Stern. Those are the only reasons I watched them.

    I do not seek out trailers that I don’t watch in passing (on TV or before a movie in theatres).


    Frank you gotta check out the Magic Mike XXL Trailer! You will love it.


    i agree! you guys don’t need to go out of your way for crazy Film Junk Packaging or stuff like that. (maybe a little shiny Film Junk logo on the USB would be nice)

  • PlanBFromOuterSpace

    Please, no French writing on the USB drives.

  • Sam

    Didn’t you also love the White God trailer Frankie?


    Frankie loved the Inherent Vice trailer!

  • Derek

    all I know is I want those sweet episodes in my ear holes as soon as possible. I don’t need a fancy usb drive. And all the haters gonna hate. You guys just keep doing what you’re doing.

  • Anthony Hebert

    A USB with the label BSU on one side, if the RV-VR situation is replicated.

  • Tommy

    Sean, were you watching Ida in the full 4:3? I remember there being heaps of headroom most of the time, like that was part of the look. Just wondering if they cropped it wherever you caught it.

  • Tommy

    and a customized Film Junk USB, please.
    I got an album once on USB and it was all rubber molded. Reed’s head would be good.

  • FDB

    Glad you guys finally checked out The Cruise. I’ve been wanting to suggest it since the glowing review of Moneyball a few years back, but always hesitated because I know how obstinately Jay can resist listener suggestions. Launch title for the DocBlumentary label maybe?

  • Jameson

    If he can pull it off in Jurassic World, I’ll be more confident. But yeah, I agree. He’s too much of the lovable idiot which isn’t Indy.

  • Bandit Manatee

    I sorta agree with Jay that this is what you get when you “force” a franchise to come back, but I also think that this is so far removed from the first two ghostbusters that they might as well make a new franchise. I can see why people who were wanting something more connected to the first two films would be pissed.

  • Bandit Manatee

    I want a custom USB stick. It should at the very least have a cool film junk logo.

  • Sean

    I watched it on Netflix. I’m pretty sure I remember it being the correct aspect ratio but I’d have to double check. Netflix does have a reputation of cropping stuff and forcing it to widescreen.

  • Jr

    Customized USB. Also, can we get the shows put on limited edition vinyl?

  • Matt the Kiwi

    Cheel-dog, I have a pertinent question regarding your new regulation around movies only being filmed using technology available at the time. How does this apply to time travel movies? I’m looking forward to the Back to the Future reboot where Marty goes back to the 1960’s and the film switches to Cineorama or Panaramascope or whatever strange new style of film they were making movies with back then…and then of course the 3rd film will be silent, b&w, 4:3.

  • kent88

    Am I the only one that sees what’s going on with Jay and JURASSIC WORLD? In the midst of all the poor internet buzz he continues to think it’ll be “a great deal of fun”.

    This is starting to look like classic narrative building of the Knezic-ian kind.

    Jay is already itching to be an apologist of this movie and when it opens to dismal reviews and disappointing box-office numbers this summer Mr. Cheel will be standing on the front lines chastising people (namely Frank) for “wanting to hate it all along”.

    This is his THE LONE RANGER and it’s oh so obvious.

  • Me

    That guy saying that A Most Violent Year (and Selma as well) didn’t look that good made me stub my toe on the edge of my bed. Clearly someone who is now banned from ever talking about cinematography again.

  • darksiders

    He would be great for Nathan Drake though for UNCHARTED

  • darksiders

    A Most Violent Year should be renamed A Most Kinda Boring Year Where Nothing REALLY Violent Happens At All.

  • Len F.

    re: USB; don’t care about cost or customization, just speed baby. Let’s get these things shipping!

  • Kenneth Serenyi

    Have you guys thought about also offering your shows in 100-show increments on USB? That way people can avoid repeats or buy 100 at a time with multiple payments.

  • NeutrinosGhost

    Pertaining to the USB situation, I think it’s a great idea and I’ll definitely be purchasing one. A suggestion to go along with that, you guys could also split the episodes up into 100 episode chunks and post them on Gumroad for like $5.00 for each 100 ep bundle. Having both the option of a physical item and digital versions would be a nice touch for fans and economically for you fine gents.

  • I’m in for a custom USB drive, but if it ends up being generic, I’m still in. I was going to suggest this a while back, Scriptnotes did the same thing (I think generic, I never bought that one, but did get one of their great t-shirts)… Anyway, Scriptnotes does their merch as limited runs, basically because they want to just spend a week or two dealing with orders, ship them, and be done.

    I’ve read some comments about torrents, etc. but hopefully people can take a step back and realize you’ve given us 500+ episodes of amazing entertainment discussing movies, all done on your own free time, balancing work, families, etc.

    I know you make some money off premium podcasts, take PayPal donations, etc, but this seems like a nice way to make sure you all get paid a little more, which I fully support. I would assume a good majority of your listeners do so for free.

    BTW, I still want to buy a Junk T-shirt!