The Boardroom Podcast: Infinity Vortex Episode 4


Joan Rivers returns posthumously to judge an outdoor experience for Ivanka Trump shoes, then Teams Infinity and Vortex are tasked with creating a viral video for Chock Full o’Nuts. Several team members continue to fly under the radar and Kenya makes a tough statement in the boardroom. At the end of the day, thanks to everybody, we had a pretty good sausage.

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  • devolutionary

    Awesome, glad to see this episode wasn’t relegated to this week’s bargain bin in lieu of Episode 500. Here’s hoping to some more great Trumpisms from Jay and Frank! I must say though, that if it wasn’t for Kenya, Brandi, Geraldo, and Ian, this season would be on life support by now (kind of like how Joan Rivers looked here).

  • FDB

    I noticed that on the most recent episode, episode 5, they said 3 weeks left at the end, which is the same thing they said at the end of episode 4. So maybe they don’t even know how many episodes are left.

    I’m currently working my way through season 13 on youtube and it seriously makes this season look like shit. Lorenzo throwing himself on the sword? Give me a break, that is not what the show is about. This cast is just not getting down and dirty for whatever reason, and it’s ruining the show. Considering we only get one of these motherfuckers a year, for these dickheads to ruin it with their relative propriety, horseshit.

  • devolutionary

    Yeah the boardroom endings have become a complete joke by now. It honestly doesn’t matter who ‘deserves’ to go home. Trump knows not to bite the hands that feed his ratings.

  • pcch7
  • Kasper

    If it wasn’t for Ian and Geraldo this season would be a total bust.

  • Brittany Gresang

    Favorite part of this week was when Director Ziering just wanted “his cut” of their terrible video. A true visionary.

  • pcch7

    Would you guys consider doing a commentary track for the final episode or something like that?

  • Tommy

    I can’t believe you guys hadn’t heard of Renegade. Is Lorenzo known for anything else?

  • ECONOMYpolitica

    Still better than All Stars. That sucked.

  • Sean

    I thought he was known primarily as a soap opera star, although looking at his IMDb page, some of those DTV action movies seem familiar.

  • Tommy

    Okay. We only get UK soaps over here, but we did get Renegade!