Film Junk Poll: What is the Best Michael Mann Movie?


Although Blackhat starring Chris Hemsworth was lambasted by critics and fizzled at the box office, it still gives us a great excuse to step back and discuss Michael Mann’s entire filmography. His last few films have been a bit divisive to say the least, and for some people his entire foray into digital filmmaking has been a disaster. But you can’t deny that this guy has directed some highly influential and memorable classics, whether you’re talking about his early crime flicks or some of his Oscar-nominated dramas. So what do you think is the best Michael Mann movie? Cast your vote in this week’s poll and then sound off in the comments below.

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  • Jr

    He’s got so many really great movie but this isn’t a hard call to make.

  • Colin

    Easiest decision ever… Heat, no question.

  • Sam

    My biggest hole in Michael Mann’s films is The Insider. Feel I should really got on that soon.

    I feel like I should really revisit Heat as I feel like I need to give it another shot since the only time I watched it was almost 10 years ago and enjoyed it but feel I didn’t appreciate it as much as others seem to.

    As it stands, I probably would have go with Thief

  • devolutionary

    Thief, followed by Manhunter and Heat. The Tangerine Dream soundtrack to Thief is probably their best.

  • devolutionary

    Yeah, the Insider is fairly underrated. I forgot, did it even do well at the box office when it came out? Pacino and Crowe for the win.

  • Colin

    Manhunter is so good… it’s absolutely dripping with 80s-ness and Miami-ness, both of which I adore.

  • FoxMulder

    Never answered to an easier question my entire life! :)

  • FoxMulder

    Going to rewatch that one! Love Michael Mann’s vibe in his movies!!

  • devolutionary

    The other great 80s flick I always associate with William Petersen is To Live and Die in L.A. Those two films pair up so well on a rewatch.

  • LordAwesome

    He’s made two good movies: The Last of the Mohicans and The Insider. The rest are either mediocore or dreadful.

    His 80s-90s work is mostly hollow mediocrity but he’s been utter shit since he started shooting on digital.

  • pcch7

    Thief is glorious

  • Colin

    William Petersen is so good. It’s a shame he’s been doing absolute garbage for the last decade and a half.

  • Lori Cerny

    I wanted to vote for Heat, but I really can’t stomach the ending.

  • Kurt

    We did a MOVIE CLUB PODCAST on THE INSIDER ( Even Reed is on that episode!!

    But I’m guessing I will be the only one in this poll to vote for MIAMI VICE (2006), which is my favourite, with COLLATERAL a close second…

  • Kurt

    This for the win, Undoubtely the BEST SCENE in THE INSIDER:

  • Colin

    You love digital noise

  • Kurt

    I do, particularly Mann’s (or more specifically, Cinematographer Dion Beebe’s) digital noise.

  • LordAwesome

    Frank’s executive hat doesn’t realize that studio’s only take ~50% of the gross, so it is more like $60m in the red. No wonder Frank’s studios keep closing.

  • RetroPietro

    There’s a nice Michael Mann movie montage on youtube. The Mann made some beautiful movies.

  • pcch7

    Collateral is awesome. Miami Vice, not so much.

  • fuckngfuggt

    if you didnt vote heat or collateral you are a FUCKING FAGGT

  • nck

    Heat has such a high re-watchability factor. That one and The Insider are tops.

  • Deven Science

    I’m surprised Heat is in the lead by so much. I think that movie is highly overrated. I voted for Collateral, though the guy that stated below that “if you didnt vote heat or collateral you are a FUCKING FAGGT” makes me really wish I didn’t vote for it.

  • T. Heilman

    Heat is bloated despite some cool perfs from Bobby D and Sizemore. Anytime Kilmer and Judd are onscreen it becomes ponderous. Pacino hams it up ridiculously.
    Kind of wish I would have voted for The Keep myself rather than Thief.
    Underrated gem.