The Boardroom Podcast: Infinity Vortex Episode 3

The Celebrity Apprentice

Teams Infinity and Vortex strip down for a Cosmo magazine spread while Brandi and Kenya get in each other’s faces. Then Trump shuffles the team rosters to give us what we’ve all been waiting for: a Geraldo / Ian Ziering showdown. The latest episode of The Boardroom: Infinity Vortex should be right in your wheelhouse!

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  • Kasper

    What an awesome surprise! Did not expect an episode this soon. Thanks guys, love you!

  • pcch7

    Great stuff guys, this episode was so good it deserved a quick turnaround.

  • FDB

    Very excited for this to go up so soon. I was getting a touch of the shakes knowing that I might not get a filmjunk fix this week.

  • devolutionary

    ”…she’ll probably blow on your butthole and make ya cum Frank.”. Having Jay’s quote come full circle had me in stitches.

  • traynor

    pun intended?

  • traynor

    It seems to me that the very nature of Celebrity Apprentice (D-grade stars with huge egos and obsessive self-interest) makes it likely that the “celebrities,” are somewhat likely to actually tune in to an episode of The Boardroom if they find out about its existence. Unlike, say, PT Anderson or Sigourney’s Weaver listening to Film Junk (no offense).

    I really hope you’re tweeting the stars of the show to let them know about it. I have no doubt that with a little effort you could get one of them to Skype in at least. I just hope it wouldn’t have an impact on your objectivity.

    Kisses to Jay “twisted metal between those stems” Cheel.

  • devolutionary

    Ha, I guess that depends on whether they’d want Keisha’s hand in every pie.

  • Brittany Gresang

    Favorite part of this week was the Zieringisms. Frank is right, there are just too many. Especially when he said that EB skincare has always been a part of his wheelhouse. Lol! Priceless!

    And also when he wanted the executives to photo bomb their picture and the execs just sat there. Too funny.

  • ECONOMYpolitica

    Glad to see the on like popcorn debate. That was the standout moment of these two boring episodes to me, too. I think she combined the phrases get it on like donkey kong and it’s on and popping and just thought she could pull it off. How is popcorn on? I guess you put popcorn on the burner if you make jiffy pop or whatever. So it could be on like popcorn. She just created a new saying. I like it. Put it in the Film Junk dictionary and begin rotating it through your vernacular.

    Aubrey O’Day was so crazy. Remember when she lied about her parents dying in a car wreck to a full audience of people after everyone else did funny skits? She was bragging about how awesome she was in the interview. I just rewatched that part on Youtube. Whatever happened to her, anyway?

  • Scott Hertzog

    These podcasts need to be longer. I die every time. The dissection of Trump nuances and idiosyncrasies is hilarious. Make “The Boardroom” eps just as long as film junk.

  • theGOAT


  • nck

    Love the podcast. It just about makes me want to watch the show.