Weekly Poll Results: Most Anticipated Movie of 2015


No surprises here, but it looks like Star Wars: The Force Awakens is the most anticipated movie of the year according to Film Junk readers. With 31% of the votes it ended up head and shoulders above all of the other upcoming 2015 releases… it would seem that people think the franchise is in good hands with J.J. Abrams. In second place, The Avengers: Age of Ultron is poised to continue Marvel’s domination at the box office, followed by Mad Max: Fury Road and The Hateful Eight. After that, there was a serious drop off in the votes as the rest of the films were all essentially on equal footing. Way down at the bottom, both Kingsman: The Secret Service and Terminator: Genisys did not receive a single vote, which does not bode well for the future of the Terminator series. Do you agree with these results?

1. Star Wars: The Force Awakens — 31%
2. The Avengers: Age of Ultron — 20%
3. Mad Max: Fury Road — 15%
4. The Hateful Eight — 13%
5. Ant-Man — 4%
6. Jurassic World — 4%
7. Spectre — 3%
8. Knight of Cups — 2%
9. Untitled Spielberg Cold War Thriller — 2%
10. Furious 7 — 1%
11. The Martian — 1%
12. Chappie — 1%
13. Crimson Peak — 1%
13. Mission: Impossible 5 — 1%
15. The Fantastic Four — 0%
16. Tomorrowland — 0%
16. Inside Out — 0%
18. That’s What I’m Talking About — 0%
18. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2 — 0%
18. Entourage — 0%
21. Kingsman: The Secret Service — 0%
21. Terminator: Genysis — 0%

  • Digilog

    I certainly would vote SW as the most and avengers as the second. There are a lot of other movies I want to see on this as well there just not as must see. Also I don’t believe there has been nearly as much press about some of the others so its likely there is reason for them not getting a big chunk of the vote.

  • Donald Trunk

    I love the beginning of the year, full of so much anticipation, hype, and promise.

  • ECONOMYpolitica

    I’m really looking forward to Fantastic Four. Should be really awesome!

  • Derek

    I saw a free screening of Kingsman: The Secret Service yesterday and it wasn’t terrible. Of course, I went in expecting it to be total garbage, and trash talked it to my friend (who won the tickets) the entire car ride to the theater, so take that into consideration.

  • Xidor

    These movies are lucky that “Creed” comes out in 2016 and not 2015 because the grandson of Apollo would kick all their butts.