The Boardroom Podcast: Infinity Vortex Episode 2


The season premiere is immediately followed up with another double episode where two more candidates are eliminated and the competition between Teams Infinity and Vortex starts to heat up. Geraldo establishes himself as a dominant force for the men while Shawn’s moon cycle causes controversy on the women’s team. Neat. Sweet.

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  • pcch7

    Nice. Also, I can’t wait for the next one, episode 3 was awesome.

  • pcch7

    Btw, I am Ziering is great on the show.

  • FilmApe

    Sean’s comment “aren’t some of them old enough to take care of themselves now” when discussings who was taking care of K8s kids, really cracked me up for some reason.

  • These discussions are at least as good (if not better) as the show itself. Last 2 minutes had me in tears. Great stuff.

  • Glen

    Thank god you didn’t call the podcast “Donald Trump’s Junk”

  • ECONOMYpolitica

    You totally glossed over Geraldo’s comment “I would have brought me back, too. I’m your most potent rival.”

  • devolutionary

    Her ex-husband Jon was practically the 9th kid come to think of it. And if I hear Geraldo mention his tours of “war” one more time I…nevermind, it’ll probably come up hundreds of times again.

  • Kasper

    I could listen to a whole show of just Frank and Jay impersonating Trump.

  • devolutionary

    Jay’s impersonation sounded like if Trump had cerebral palsy.

  • Brittany Gresang

    I’m following Amanda now lol. We need to get her on the podcast.

    Favorite part of this week was Geraldo’s acting in the boardroom when Kevin Jonas was complaining about his “Neat, Sweet” idea.

  • When the season is over somebody with too much time on their hands should make an mp3 supercut with only the impersonations.

  • FDB

    Frank’s impression of Ian Ziering at 21 minutes is absolutely perfect, it’s killing me.